Maybe it was the shoes

Fall is here. It has been mostly raining for four days. Nice to see the ground wet for a change. The sunset was gorgeous. The pink clouds moved quickly from the north-west. They have a mission somewhere else.

Today’s card is the Greenman, Synergy from the Steven D. Farmer Earth Magic Oracle Cards deck.


The image on the card is not the typical greenman. He is something that could easily be dismissed as “just vegetation.” He is the male earth spirit embodied, envegetated.

I was happy the Greenman showed up today. He is just so happy and healthy. Oddly enough I felt as though I grew today. I could literally see higher on the shelf. Maybe it was the shoes, but I felt taller.

Dr. Farmer seems to explain the synergy in my life directly, “You are in a mutually cooperative interaction with Spirit, and your mission is congruent with your sense of purpose.”

My day went great! Hope the synergy continues in my dreams tonight.

~ Athena

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