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Just accept it

It has been a very busy day. There is nothing more I would rather do than lay in my bed right now, but today’s card is a special one. The card came up for me a couple of weeks ago and I did not have time to write about it that day. Today I cannot ignore it.

Today’s card is XVIII The Moon, Diana, from The Goddess Tarot deck by Kris Waldherr. The card is beautiful. The moon is bright, the wolves are hunting with the archer Diana in the birch trees. I’m amazed at how strong her calves look.

Diana is my aunt’s name. That is why today’s card is special. She has been making herself known lately. She passed a few years ago. She was always good to me. More importantly she was good to my uncle. She keeps coming to me through the cards when I am busy. Perhaps she is reminding me to slow down, take it easy, and enjoy.

According to Kris Walderr the card indicates, “Support of women who truly care for you. Intuition. The receptive aspects of the Divine Feminine. Intense dreams.” Over the last year and a half, I have felt this wonderful loving supportive energy flowing through my being. It feels so good to just accept it and let it wash away the old stuck parts of myself. I’m glad my Aunt Diana is there for me on the other side. I know she is one of my guides, for which I am very grateful.


Surveying the valley

Today was a tough day. It all stemmed from a dream I had lastnight. Not a horrible dream, but one that showed me an aspect of myself that needs enlightenment.

Today’s card is Five of Blades, Spiritualist from the Native American Tarot Deck by Magda and J.A. Gonzalez.

The image on the card is that of an old medicine woman. She is looking right at the card’s viewer. She seems to know. She is aware on many levels.

The most interesting aspect of this card to me has to do with my dream. In the dream, I walked down a wooded
path which opened into a meadow on a hillside. I sat on a nearby stone to survey the valley, very much like the medicine woman.

The Gonzalez’s hit the nail on the head, the, “Spiritualist is coming to terms with non-material aspects of life and looking beyond within and backward to adjust.” The Solar eclipse at 0° Scorpio, a visit from karma, and vivid dreams showing me where to improve. I’m definitely “coming to terms” and trying to find balance.

~ Athena

Wrong about karma

Today is a cold day. It will snow soon. Maybe it will be one of those Halloweens. Cold and dry, except for those two random flakes.

Today’s card is Karma from the Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Coti and Alysa Bartha. The Karma card in the Sirian Starseed deck is the Judgment card in traditional tarot.

Turns out I was wrong out karma. It didn’t take the Universe long to come by and set me straight. Maybe karma is here “if you choose to accept it.” The deck’s creators impress, “… we determine whether we have truly learned the lessons we came to learn…”

The card’s image is watery with drops and ripples playing on its surface. The blossoming lotus hovering above the water gives a sense of understanding and growth.

It’s time as Cori and Bartha say to, “… clear the muddy waters of the past and prepare the way for a huge leap in evolution. Forgiving others and oneself is paramount here.”

Interestingly after I drew the card, I meditated. I felt my soul pulling bits of myself back into my heart. A big part of my emotional past is healed. Turns out my soul is calling karmic relationships to me for resolution. Hope they’re resolved soon. No matter, my heart feels more complete today.

~ Athena

Karma is over

The sweet smell of decomposing leaves hangs in the air. It is brisk. Halloween is just around the corner. If it weren’t for Santa, Halloween may well be my favorite holiday. The opportunity to play any alter-ego I want. It’s good stuff.

I always want my tarot card for the day to be a good one. It’s self-centered, I know. Today’s card is from the Steven D. Farmer Earth Magic Oracle Card deck. My self-centered card of the day is Dawn, New Beginnings.

It seems appropriate for me today. Yesterday my uncle, with whom I have a karmic relationship, came to visit my dad. Maybe karma really is over. I felt completely neutral with him and able to walk away with no hard feelings. It’s funny how easy it seems to move past something once you are over it, but it was not so easy. It took decades. And it’s all finally done. I’m glad it’s a new day. There were times I never thought today would come. A day where I am at peace with the past. Respect it for being a part of me and learning from it.

The image on the card shows the first rays of the sunrise shining on river going through a lush valley. It seems to say there is much to be seen in the full light of day. There is abundance everywhere you look. Steven D. Farmer interprets the card, “It’s a time of fresh beginnings from which we can create whatever kind of experience we desire.” A new beginning… it’s taken its sweet time getting here. And most welcome nonetheless.


It hurts a little

The Solar eclipse energies are growing in strength. Hello Scorpio. Please don’t hurt me. I’ll just be here absorbing the light into my being. It feels good. It hurts a little, but in a good way. Like what I imagine a little seed feels when cracking through that final membrane and becoming a seedling. There is no choice. It has grown too big to be contained any longer!

The Sun’s light is growing stronger. It is brighter than it used to be. No longer yellow, but bright white opalesence. I see it in the clouds as much as I feel it vibrating throughout by body’s cellular structure. Is this what it feels like to evolve?

Thank goodness Venus was conjunct the Sun as it was eclipsed by the Moon at 0° Scorpio two days ago. It brought the love of my soul to its depths. Deep pain released and comforted compassionately with beautiful vibrating photons dancing inside.

~ Athena

Great depth of field

Just a few days ago I was thinking how it had been a while since I drew two cards. Every now and again, more than one tarot card needs to be considered.

Today was my lucky two card day! I drew the Master of Flames and Master of Chalices from the Sirian Starseed Tarot deck by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha. The artwork in this deck is superb. Photos taken by Cori are enhanced by Bartha’s unique dreamy style.

The suit of Flames in this deck corresponds to the suit of wands in traditional tarot, while Chalices represents the suit of cups. The Master, Cori explains, “… has achieved mastery of his processes, overcoming the ego-self, and reaching pure consciousness.” The Master card or cards in this case, also represents balance, harmony, and “is a card of arrival.”

Awesome, two Master cards!

The figure of a Native American-esque man stands relaxed against a stone wall. The sunset behind him is gorgeous. He is strong, formidable as ally or foe.

His body language says to me, “I am as strong as this wall and not easily moved.” His eyes say to me, “I am wise and discerning.” Cori says, “The suit of Flames is the noble quest” to “raise the consciousness of all living beings as we raise our own.”

I feel like the Master of Flames “raising consciousness” for the best of the Universe and all involved. The picture says it all with the wall, raising your consciousness is hard work.

The Master of Chalices card shows a pair of eyes reflecting their mirror image on the ocean. Hauntingly knowing with great depth of field. This card scares me a little, m

aybe it’s my Cancer ascendant.

Cori does not put me at ease stating, “… water in all its manifestations has one unifying aspect: it takes the form of whatever contains it.” I disagree, Water has four forms: gas, liquid, ice, and now the 4th phase. Her point is taken though, “It is reflective at times, illusive at others; it speaks of love in its heights and sadness in its lows.” Me, a Master of Chalices? Maybe just for today.

The Sirian Starseed cards really feed the fires of spiritual exploration. I’m happy with today’s cards. It’s one of those synchronistic reminders that I’m on my path. Thanks Universe!

~ Athena

What’s happening

The partial eclipse of the Sun is tomorrow, October 23, 2014 at 1:57pm Mountain Standard Time. My youngest is already being affected. She has a Scorpio ascendant. The eclipse is at 0° Scorpio and also involves a conjunction with Venus, the planet of what we love. Her natal Mars is also triggering the April 2014 Grand Cross energies.

Astrology helps me understand what’s happening multidimensionally. Check the transits is like checking the weather. After at my daughter’s transits, I know she’s not being unreasonable. She’s having a hard time dealing with the planetary energies.

Hope you have an easy time of it! Just accept the influence of Venus, and you’ll be okay.

A great astrology resource is Check out the transits and ephemerides page to enter your birth details and see how the transits are affecting you.

~ Athena

Quite the opposite

Today started out in typical fashion. The alarm either did not go off or I turned it off instead of hitting snooze. Needless to say my boss had to have a talk with me about my timeliness, which neither of us enjoyed.

Maybe my card picker is off today. I’m not sure why today’s card is Two of Vessels: Union from the Native American Tarot Deck by Magda and J.A. Gonzalez. My idea of union is one where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. My relationships generally end up being quite the opposite. The Union card, I take with a grain of salt.

The image on this card is not anything I am expecting today. It’s not because of the cartoonish artwork. The image a man and a woman, coming together is so limiting. Maybe my old beliefs about it are too limiting. I’m really enjoying having that complete freedom being in a relationship just does not have.

It’s not because I do not want love in my life. It’s just because that tide is out right now. You cannot force things. You must wait patiently. Take your chance with everything you’ve got when it comes!

~ Athena

Incisive movement

Today was a productive Monday. My day started early, but that doesn’t always get me to work on time. I missed a meeting. Oh well, maybe I’ll make it to the one next month.

My self-centered card of the day is Princess of Swords from the Goddess Tarot deck by Kris Waldherr. The card shows a princess with long dark hair. Her crown appears to have a swan on top. Her sword relaxed, but ready in her hand. She is obviously capable and sure of herself.

How indeed does this card play into my day? Well, I am capable and sure of myself. I’m not sure on what the Princess of Swords is concentrating. Waldherr states, “She does not allow herself to be confused by anything.” The card’s meaning: “Incisive movement. Cutting through confusion. Focus.” She’s focused on whatever she wants.

I am cutting through confusion on many levels. Spiritually “letting go” of old ways of being, thinking, and doing. Donating, organizing, and making space. Even restructuring debt and rebalancing assets. Focus.

I am living my life, my way. It feels good. I deserve it. Everyone deserves to live the good life, whatever that means to them.

~ Athena

The Sun will come out

It has been the busiest lazy weekend in a long time. Comic-con Friday, Disney On Ice Saturday and pure blissed out laziness in between cooking and cleaning. It was really quite nice.

The card of the day is Fog, Veiled from Steven D. Farmer’s Earth Magic Oracle Cards. The image on the card is the promise of the sun breaking through the fog. The valley is covered in dense fog, it will take time to clear.

20141019_164605_Android 2

Let me just say this card does not excite me. Neptune, the planet of spirituality and water i.e., fog, is currently square my Natal Sun, aka Soul, and has been for months. A little bit more fog does not really phase me at this point. Yeah, yeah the fog will break up, because the Sun will come out tomorrow. blah blah blah. Yes, this is self-centered tarot. I am bratting out, because I am tired of the veil.

All in all, my day was very nice. I spent time with my girls. I worked on a variety of projects around the house. Maybe there is a bit of fog veiling the next step in my life, but would I want it any other way? Not a chance. I am too busy enjoying now!


Laying Low

The cold blew in last night. It’s chilly today. It felt good. I wanted to walk through the leaves and breathe the fresh air first thing.

My self-centered tarot card of the day comes from the Native American Tarot Deck by Magda and J.A. Gonzalez. The card jumped out to the side as I shuffled through the cards. Four: The Scout, which corresponds to the Four of Swords in traditional Tarot.

The card’s image evokes a sense of insecurity. The brave laying low, watching. The buffalo getting out of the way of “progress.” The Gonzalez’s interpretation of the image provides keen insight, “The essence of The Scout is change for the masses as well as individuals. It is a time of choices and decisions…”

Yes! I feel we are on the brink of global change. We are too many to continue polluting. We are too connected to pretend not to see what is happening everywhere. Thanks to smartphones, we live more in the now moment together than ever before.

This card does in some way impress upon me my own inner dilemma. You see I am American. My father’s side of the family is Austrian and English. My mother’s side of the family is Spanish and Native American. Can you imagine? I’d hate myself if I wasn’t so in love with myself.

It is not easy to navigate complexity, but at least it isn’t boring!


Fully Absorbing

Coronal mass ejections (CMEs), eruptions from the Sun, seem to affect me a couple of days after they take place. When they hit Earth. Sometimes I am tired, other times floating. Just observing and concentrating on the present moment, fully absorbing the gift of it all.

Light energy vibrates through my body. Especially in my feet for about a week now. It feels good. Like pure bliss. Still my mind wanders and numbs the vibration, the lack of resonance returns me to my heart.

Today my body is disgusted. My stomach is queasy. The new frequencies from the Sun, while always for the greater good, are powerful indeed. At least my feet still feel good!



It’s a relaxing Saturday. The Sun is shining. It’s a beautiful blue-bird day.

The light was strange this morning. The sunlight seemed more thick, hazy almost. A new energy is settling. Or, is it an old forgotten energy returning? Either way it feels like the best hug.

Today’s card is Winter Solstice, Reflection from the Steven D. Farmer Earth Magic Oracle Cards deck. The image on the card an immediate sense of stillness. Today is a stillness day for me. The point between breaths, the threshold of the next moment.

It’s just a nice Saturday at home with visits from family and friends. Lately I am contemplating new worlds micro and macro. My new aquarium is fun to put together. Writing in this forum is creative. This is my cocoon year. A year of transformation on every multifaceted level.

Sage of Orbs

The Full Moon last night really rocked my world. Needless to say I was very curious what my ego-centric card of the day would be. Today’s card is from the Sirian Starseed Tarot deck by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha. The card I pulled this evening is Sage of Orbs. Orbs in this deck corresponds to the suit of swords in traditional decks. The image on the card at first was rather disappointing considering this deck has the most amazing artwork.

At first, I thought, that looks like statues of Athena. Then I thought, no that’s a man. Someone who is neutral. Then I noticed the staff of knowledge, the olive branch and decided I better consult the book for this one.


Turns out the image is indeed a woman’s figure in fact, “She is a queen, a priestess, a medicine woman, an earth mother.” Continuing on, “She offers all the archetypal figures of those role models of feminine power, appearing at a time when we are moving into the great cycle of the yin vibration as an expression of Gaia’s rebirthing into her higher reflection.”

The image clearing shows an enlightened being. The orb of spiritual knowledge surrounding her head. This may be self-centered, but the card seemed destined for me today.

~ Athena

10/7/14 Meditation Vision

I saw my dimly lighted spirit in the stars realizing my power to create frequency. I spun light in any direction I wanted. I increased the frequency and sent it spinning around my body making shapes and sacred geometry patterns.  My feet are grounding this information into Gaia right now.

My Tibetan and Lemurian quartz crystals called me just before I put them in the window to soak up the full moon energies. They started transferring energy into my hands as soon as I touched them.

~ Athena

Fun with Fire

The big news this week is the Full Moon in Aquarius, conjunct Uranus (on top of my natal Jupiter) forming a grand fire trine with Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. The real news is probably that Pluto is going to be squaring the Moon. The eclipse is going to hurt a wee bit and surprise the hell out of us. Anything for the best of the universe and all involved!

The self-centered tarot card of the day comes from The Goddess Tarot created by Kris Waldherr. Drum roll please, and the card is X Fortune, Lakshmi. The image on the card is the beautiful Lakshmi in a traditional red Indian sari on a giant bird with her boyfriend.

Today was a beautiful blue day. The sun beckoned me to explore. Unfortunately my day job kept me indoors. It was a productive day. The kids were in good spirits after school.

We are excited to be setting up a new aquarium. We spent some envisioning what we want to have and ordered some plants. Co-creating is a lot of fun!

At this point, I really do not see how this card has anything to do with what transpired during my day. Time for enlightenment from Waldherr who states, “The Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity, Lakshmi is believed to be attracted to sparkling jewels, which are like the riches she bestows upon her favored worshippers.” Guess that guy has some “sparkling jewels.” Perhaps this card was reversed when I pulled it this morning. In which case Waldherr describes an individual as “… pessimistic, disappointed, unexpected endings or beginnings.” Nailed it.

Really I am just disappointed of the image of Lakshmi and all of her fortune and prosperity. It looks vast, but how much does a person really need? Maybe just enough to keep it interesting, like me and the fish tank.

Now that I think about it, I am kind of pessimistic about this whole Lunar eclipse thing in two days. Here comes the new beginning/end. Whatever. Moon conjunct Pluto square Mars didn’t kill me. Looks like I might be about to get stronger and have fun with fire doing it!


A Red Dress

My eyes itch. I’m tired. I just need to write. The last year I have been in a cocoon. Feeling my body change from the inside out on a cellular level. The frequency is a loving, blissful flowing electrical charge.

Things went well at work today. Amazingly well, it happens every once in a while. Today’s did not surprise me much when I drew it this morning. There were way too many good days in a row there for a while. Not that I really think any card is bad. The greatest learning comes from the greatest struggles.

Today’s card is the Two of Staves from The Goddess Tarot deck created by Kris Waldherr. The image on the card is that of a young girl looking off into the distance. It appears as though she is charting her future. The staves are budding new leaves. There is promise. She is wearing a red dress. There is a fence marking the boundary between now and future creations. One stave is on the other side of the fence and stuck in the ground. The other is in her left hand supporting and grounding her.

Kris Waldherr describes the suit of staves “channel(s) energy to areas where it can encourage growth.” And of the girl in the image Kris states, “Dressed in a red gown-the color of vigor and beginnings–the woman decides to bring her ideas into the world. Her confidence and talent assures success.” Very interesting indeed.

A new beginning has indeed arrived. I’m not sure what it brings. I know one thing. I am creating it. And I have experience! I haven’t travelled around the world for nothing.