Laying Low

The cold blew in last night. It’s chilly today. It felt good. I wanted to walk through the leaves and breathe the fresh air first thing.

My self-centered tarot card of the day comes from the Native American Tarot Deck by Magda and J.A. Gonzalez. The card jumped out to the side as I shuffled through the cards. Four: The Scout, which corresponds to the Four of Swords in traditional Tarot.

The card’s image evokes a sense of insecurity. The brave laying low, watching. The buffalo getting out of the way of “progress.” The Gonzalez’s interpretation of the image provides keen insight, “The essence of The Scout is change for the masses as well as individuals. It is a time of choices and decisions…”

Yes! I feel we are on the brink of global change. We are too many to continue polluting. We are too connected to pretend not to see what is happening everywhere. Thanks to smartphones, we live more in the now moment together than ever before.

This card does in some way impress upon me my own inner dilemma. You see I am American. My father’s side of the family is Austrian and English. My mother’s side of the family is Spanish and Native American. Can you imagine? I’d hate myself if I wasn’t so in love with myself.

It is not easy to navigate complexity, but at least it isn’t boring!


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