Incisive movement

Today was a productive Monday. My day started early, but that doesn’t always get me to work on time. I missed a meeting. Oh well, maybe I’ll make it to the one next month.

My self-centered card of the day is Princess of Swords from the Goddess Tarot deck by Kris Waldherr. The card shows a princess with long dark hair. Her crown appears to have a swan on top. Her sword relaxed, but ready in her hand. She is obviously capable and sure of herself.

How indeed does this card play into my day? Well, I am capable and sure of myself. I’m not sure on what the Princess of Swords is concentrating. Waldherr states, “She does not allow herself to be confused by anything.” The card’s meaning: “Incisive movement. Cutting through confusion. Focus.” She’s focused on whatever she wants.

I am cutting through confusion on many levels. Spiritually “letting go” of old ways of being, thinking, and doing. Donating, organizing, and making space. Even restructuring debt and rebalancing assets. Focus.

I am living my life, my way. It feels good. I deserve it. Everyone deserves to live the good life, whatever that means to them.

~ Athena

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