It hurts a little

The Solar eclipse energies are growing in strength. Hello Scorpio. Please don’t hurt me. I’ll just be here absorbing the light into my being. It feels good. It hurts a little, but in a good way. Like what I imagine a little seed feels when cracking through that final membrane and becoming a seedling. There is no choice. It has grown too big to be contained any longer!

The Sun’s light is growing stronger. It is brighter than it used to be. No longer yellow, but bright white opalesence. I see it in the clouds as much as I feel it vibrating throughout by body’s cellular structure. Is this what it feels like to evolve?

Thank goodness Venus was conjunct the Sun as it was eclipsed by the Moon at 0° Scorpio two days ago. It brought the love of my soul to its depths. Deep pain released and comforted compassionately with beautiful vibrating photons dancing inside.

~ Athena

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