Karma is over

The sweet smell of decomposing leaves hangs in the air. It is brisk. Halloween is just around the corner. If it weren’t for Santa, Halloween may well be my favorite holiday. The opportunity to play any alter-ego I want. It’s good stuff.

I always want my tarot card for the day to be a good one. It’s self-centered, I know. Today’s card is from the Steven D. Farmer Earth Magic Oracle Card deck. My self-centered card of the day is Dawn, New Beginnings.

It seems appropriate for me today. Yesterday my uncle, with whom I have a karmic relationship, came to visit my dad. Maybe karma really is over. I felt completely neutral with him and able to walk away with no hard feelings. It’s funny how easy it seems to move past something once you are over it, but it was not so easy. It took decades. And it’s all finally done. I’m glad it’s a new day. There were times I never thought today would come. A day where I am at peace with the past. Respect it for being a part of me and learning from it.

The image on the card shows the first rays of the sunrise shining on river going through a lush valley. It seems to say there is much to be seen in the full light of day. There is abundance everywhere you look. Steven D. Farmer interprets the card, “It’s a time of fresh beginnings from which we can create whatever kind of experience we desire.” A new beginning… it’s taken its sweet time getting here. And most welcome nonetheless.


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