Wrong about karma

Today is a cold day. It will snow soon. Maybe it will be one of those Halloweens. Cold and dry, except for those two random flakes.

Today’s card is Karma from the Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Coti and Alysa Bartha. The Karma card in the Sirian Starseed deck is the Judgment card in traditional tarot.

Turns out I was wrong out karma. It didn’t take the Universe long to come by and set me straight. Maybe karma is here “if you choose to accept it.” The deck’s creators impress, “… we determine whether we have truly learned the lessons we came to learn…”

The card’s image is watery with drops and ripples playing on its surface. The blossoming lotus hovering above the water gives a sense of understanding and growth.

It’s time as Cori and Bartha say to, “… clear the muddy waters of the past and prepare the way for a huge leap in evolution. Forgiving others and oneself is paramount here.”

Interestingly after I drew the card, I meditated. I felt my soul pulling bits of myself back into my heart. A big part of my emotional past is healed. Turns out my soul is calling karmic relationships to me for resolution. Hope they’re resolved soon. No matter, my heart feels more complete today.

~ Athena

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