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Latent talent

I see pink in the clouds as the Sun sets. It is a cold blustery day. I saw an extraordinary number of geese land in the alley across the street from my house this morning.

Today’s card is Four of Pentacles from The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. The woman in the image is beautiful, young, and living in abundance. I love how the pentacles are lotuses in this deck.

The card immediately makes me feel like everything is going well. The meaning attributed to the card by Waldherr is, “Wealth and prosperity. Stabilizing material forces in life. A family inheritance-this could be a talent, money, land.” Most likely a latent talent I have no idea about. I’m pretty sure my family has no money and no land, aside from that we live on.

My life is beautiful. Just like the image on the card. Appreciation smiles through my eyes.


Auto correct

This morning was a beautiful crisp fall day with a gorgeous sunrise. My mood is sombre today. My youngest daughter acted out yesterday about something outside my control – auto correct inserted Chiron instead of control – noted Universe. This is my 0° Sagittarius thing. In the macro sense, it’s the Ferguson decision. Expected at any moment.

The Self-centred Tarot card of the day is Queen of Cups from the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner illustrated by John J. Blumen. I like to shuffle like a Vegas dealer, and this deck is fun! The images are amazing and the Queen of Cups does not disappoint. A beautiful mermaid seems to be quietly in prayer amongst the fish, all the while perched on an enormous Roman warrior’s stone head.

Kenner describes the Queen of Cups as, “She is compassionate, creative, receptive, empathic, and intuitive. She’s a constant presence in her underwater kingdom, and she nurtures and protects her realm with patience and love.” This card makes me feel better. It helps me take things in stride a little bit by reminding me of my own essence just when I needed it.

~ Athena

0° Sagittarius

Today there is a New Moon at 0° Sagittarius. Sagittarius represents philosophy, fun, and aiming high while the Moon represents emotion, cycles, and feminine energy. The transits today are interesting.

Image courtesy of

The chart is symmetrical suggesting harmony. There is a quincunx awkwardness between Mars the planet of war and Jupiter the planet of expansion, but it is stabilized by the Venus/Moon trine to Uranus. The Sun/Moon/Venus square to Chiron is really drawing my eye.

The energy is pointing right at Chiron, the wounded healer. It seems a soul level look at our spiritual wounds is necessary as Chiron is in the ninth house, the house of spirituality. Although it could smart a bit, this pruning is necessary for soul growth.

I’m taking the opportunity to move past soul level pain, transmuting it for the best of the Universe and all involved. Sagittarius makes it all possible today.

~ Athena

Leap of Faith

It’s still cold outside, but the snow and ice started melting today. An inversion is settling over the valley. The air already reeks of sugar beet factory and vehicle emissions.

Today’s card is 0 Sirian Starseed from the Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori, illustrated by Alysa Bartha. The image shows a beautiful ball of light shooting to the lush green Earth where a crystal lotus awaits below. This card just makes me feel good.

Cori says, “The Starseed key represents ultimate trust in the divine–a leaping forward: fearless and resolute.” It feels like I am being asked by the Universe to make a leap of faith. I feel like making a dive of faith. An awesome Olympic type dive!

~ Athena

Balanced within

The sunrise this morning was beautiful, but I hardly noticed it. The roads are icy and slick. It was definitely a stay in the now kind of drive today.

Today’s self-centered tarot card is VI Love, Venus from The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. Wow, I really was not expecting this card today. I felt both distracted and ineffective at work. My thoughts have been concentrated on my youngest daughter today.

The image on the card does not represent maternal love. A decadent woman adorned in red robes with flowing blonde hair lounges in opulence as her come hither look draws the viewer in. Kris Waldherr describes the card’s meaning as, “Artistic creativity. Sexuality. Integration of the masculine and feminine. A new, important relationship.”

My creativity is definitely flowing. I have been writing and doing a little artwork. I feel sexy, but that isn’t translating into anything at the moment. Definitely I am more balanced within myself than I have been in a while. An important new relationship? If so, that’s coming out of nowhere.

~ Athena

Momentary Pause

It was a sunny blue day today. It was 5° outside when I woke up. The snow still lays on the ground after yesterday’s storm. We got our snow day!

Today’s card is Four of Shields, The Silence, from the Native American Tarot Deck by Magda and J.A. Gonzalez. The image on the card is that of a brave in a type of meditation, a momentary pause for reflection before continuing the journey.

The deck’s creators say, “The Silence is the flowing of the individual into the One, the unity of all creation.” It feels like I am one with everything. Still an individual, but connected with everything in a deeper cellular way.

Today was an amazing day. People were so nice. The lady at the pet shop turned around and asked us if we needed crickets. She knew. It was wonderful to have our needs meet instantaneously. Is this the New Earth?

I love it!

~ Athena

Expect More

Today was cold! Makes me shiver just thinking about it. The sky was clear blue until this evening when the clouds started rolling in. Hopefully it will snow.

Today’s card is Seeker of Flames from the Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha. The image on the card is that of a woman before the statute of a male diety holding a flame in his palm.

This image just doesn’t do it for me. A seeker of flame, the spirit, the eternal spark within represented by a woman who appears to be begging for knowledge. No, I am the living archetype of the Seeker of Flame. I look within, not without. A more appropriate image would we a woman ensconced in the violet flame of healing and spiritual knowledge. A flame bursting forth from her own heart.

Cori and Bartha say, “While there is spiritual immaturity in this essence, it (The Seeker) carries a sense of childlike wonder and an innocence that is very disarming.” The image conjured in these words is contrary to that on the card. The Seeker begging another, the male, for answers. Do we still have to be subjected to these archetypes? I expect more from my “Ascension” tools.

Lindy Cowling said it best, “Ascension is descension into the heart.” The Seeker descends from the ego-centred mind to reside in the compassionate ever giving heart. My way out of my head and back to my heart is meditation.

~ Athena

Back at zero-point

It was a beautiful cold fall day. Tomorrow and the rest of the week are supposed to be arctic cold. Lunch time weather was sunny and cold. It was just breezy enough for the wind to play with my hair. Reminding me just how much I am part of everything, and it (everything) is the best part of me.

Today’s card is The World from the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner. The young woman on the card has the world in her hands. She sprinkles it with fairy dust. Her necklace is the symbol of Saturn, the disciplinarian, teacher, time-keeper.

Kenner states, “The World is a card of completion and success…” This last year I have sprinkled fairy dust on my own life. Restructuring debt and paying off loans. I’m finally back at zero point. Completion and success feel good. But, really that’s just the beginning of the next thing.

The card says to me, “You have the World at your finger tips, so go have fun!” It feels like new good things are on the way. The woman in the card makes it look easy.

I can too!

~ Athena

Reaching out

Today was a nice warm day. This evening was beautiful. The hills were lit up before a bright blue sky, while flames of red leaves burst like fireworks.

Today’s card is Love, Compassion from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer. The card features two hands reaching out to each other over a heart.

My heart has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. My heart was like the Grinch’s, ten sizes too small. My heart chakra vibrates in bliss at will.

Steven D. Farmer reiterates, “All wounds stem from the illusion of separation from Source and all of Creation. The route to healing this wound is through cultivating love and compassion for every being on this planet, including yourself.” Powerful indeed. Let’s take it further, for every being in the Universe. We are all part of it, together.

~ Athena

Long free hair

Tomorrow is already Friday. It has been a busy week. No time to write. I just keep falling asleep instead. I see a nice relaxing weekend in my future.

Today’s card is the Princess of Staves from The Goddess Tarot created by Kris Waldherr. The first thing I noticed about the princess is her long free hair. Her stave is also blooming. She seems to be carefully watching where she places her feet on the rock Earth below.

There is freedom in long hair. Most people pull theirs back. I pull mine back quite a bit. More and more I am wearing it long and free like the princess in the picture. Only no crown. It feels good. I love brushing it and do it all the time at work. I hope it bugs everybody. It seems like a new beginning for me in many ways. I recently refinanced my home, upgraded vehicles, and paid off debt including my student loans. No longer enslaved to debt, I am free to pursue my own personal interests to a greater degree. Who doesn’t like that?

Perhaps my interpretation is to literal. Waldherr says, “The Princess of Staves, a fiery-haired young woman, is as stalwart as the rocks surrounding her. She is an inspiration to others to live passionately without compromise.” She describes the meaning as, “The ability to create beauty that is useful.”

Awesome! Yes, I definitely feel like I am ready to start living my life for me. A statement that is ironic for me, having travelled to nineteen countries by the age of twenty-five and climbed cliffs as far as Thailand and Alaska. And still my heart yearns for greater fulfillment!


Walking away

Frost covered the ground, the grass, the trees, the cars. It was cold this morning, jack frost came last night. The foothills are covered in snow. The sky was fresh and new. A beautiful way to start the day.

The first part of my day flew by. The afternoon seemed to drag on and then I somehow ended up staying a half hour later than I needed to. The girls were happy after school. It’s always better when they are giggling.

After we came home I meditated. It was more than a meditation, more like a shungite shock or a photonic sunburst (CME). I had a dual realization of where I need to take my life to be fulfilled and a release of guilt related to my divorce. After that it was time to see what my card for the day had to say.

Today’s card is the Eight of Chalices from The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori, illustrated by Alysa Bartha. The image is interesting. There is a guy in the desert walking away from eight cups. I wondered if the cups were empty. Did he even see the cups?

Cori describes the scene, “It appears he has drunk what he needed from them and is ready to move onto new challenges, questing for greater fulfillment.” Greater fulfillment is what lead me out of my marriage.

Cori says, “One of life’s greatest lessons is being thankful for what has been, and knowing, at the same time when it is time to move on.” It’s high time I move on. Thank goodness I released some more stuff today. The heart chakra is like an onion. There’s always another layer.


Energetic and enthused

Today was a very chilly wet day. We only left the house to go to the post office and our local metaphysical shop.  The post office had a package for me. I ordered a shungite pendant a while ago and forgot all about it. Shungite is a powerful healing and protection stone. I can definitely feel it helping me release old junk.

Today’s card is from my new Wizard’s Tarot Deck written by Corrine Kenner, illustrated by John J. Blumen. The artwork is what drew me to the deck. My self-centered tarot card of the day is the Six of Wands.

The card shows a woman on a stage lighted with the six wands. She is wearing a red top with a long black dress. Everyone’s attention is turned to a member of the audience. The woman on stage is sharing information.

Kenner says the card is “… a card of leadership and bravery.” The window in the background is “… framed with laurel leaves, which signify victory, honor, and acclaim.” She reminds us that with great power comes great responsibility.

The card does not seem to fit into my rainy day at first glance. However, in the last six to nine months, I have been trying to get over my own fear of what others think about my spiritual journey. Sharing more with family, friends, and now the global community. Like the woman on the card, I am “energetic and enthused” about sharing enlightening spiritual information with you.

~ Athena