Back at zero-point

It was a beautiful cold fall day. Tomorrow and the rest of the week are supposed to be arctic cold. Lunch time weather was sunny and cold. It was just breezy enough for the wind to play with my hair. Reminding me just how much I am part of everything, and it (everything) is the best part of me.

Today’s card is The World from the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner. The young woman on the card has the world in her hands. She sprinkles it with fairy dust. Her necklace is the symbol of Saturn, the disciplinarian, teacher, time-keeper.

Kenner states, “The World is a card of completion and success…” This last year I have sprinkled fairy dust on my own life. Restructuring debt and paying off loans. I’m finally back at zero point. Completion and success feel good. But, really that’s just the beginning of the next thing.

The card says to me, “You have the World at your finger tips, so go have fun!” It feels like new good things are on the way. The woman in the card makes it look easy.

I can too!

~ Athena

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