Auto correct

This morning was a beautiful crisp fall day with a gorgeous sunrise. My mood is sombre today. My youngest daughter acted out yesterday about something outside my control – auto correct inserted Chiron instead of control – noted Universe. This is my 0° Sagittarius thing. In the macro sense, it’s the Ferguson decision. Expected at any moment.

The Self-centred Tarot card of the day is Queen of Cups from the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner illustrated by John J. Blumen. I like to shuffle like a Vegas dealer, and this deck is fun! The images are amazing and the Queen of Cups does not disappoint. A beautiful mermaid seems to be quietly in prayer amongst the fish, all the while perched on an enormous Roman warrior’s stone head.

Kenner describes the Queen of Cups as, “She is compassionate, creative, receptive, empathic, and intuitive. She’s a constant presence in her underwater kingdom, and she nurtures and protects her realm with patience and love.” This card makes me feel better. It helps me take things in stride a little bit by reminding me of my own essence just when I needed it.

~ Athena

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