Full Moon at 14° Gemini

The Full Moon at 14° Gemini is exact about 7:20 tomorrow morning Mountain Standard Time. Mercury is opposite the Moon and conjuncting the Sun in Sagittarius. Mercury is the planet of communication. It makes me curious about what Mercury is being asked by the Sun to communicate to the Moon. Mercury should have no problem being in its home sign, Gemini.

The Moon is also inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto destroys anything in your life that is not serving your higher purpose. Painfully beautiful, like it’s symbolic image, the phoenix rising. Pluto’s energy combined with the energy of the Moon at a dischordant angle has me on the emotional side today.

Saturn at 28° Scorpio, the disciplinarian is squaring Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces. While the square is difficult energy to synergize, there is the benefit of Saturn’s dig deep energy to get to the real juice of old wounds.

Saturn is at the same time squaring Jupiter in Leo. I think this is forcing Saturn to ease up, more of a benefit than anything in my opinion with Saturn in its current position at 28° Scorpio, which makes me a little leary of the sting.

Jupiter is trining the Sun, indicating everything will be just fine. The Sun’s energy is enhanced by its trine to creative Uranus in fiery Aries. Uranus’ energy is funneled right back into the Moon in exciting Gemini via the Sun.

The Universe seems to be supporting a deep healing. May you heal in happiness as this Full Moon suggests.

~ Athena

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