Double Helix Stairway

Early this morning we had freezing rain. Luckily we were up early and made it where we needed to be a few minutes early. After being gone the better part of two weeks, I was able to catch up on my work by lunchtime. It’s all about timing. Going with the flow helps too.

My emotions today have been deep, profound, painful, elating, freeing, and, as you can, see all over the place. This Full Moon in Cancer business really got to me. Seven of my nine natal planets are in cardinal signs. Transiting planets in cardinal signs always have an impact on me. The Sun is shining its light on deep dark Pluto right now as they oppose the Moon, which represents our emotions and/or our relationships with our mothers or maternal figures in our lives.

Today’s self-centered tarot card is so self-centered it isn’t even a tarot card. My Astrology Reading Cards by Allison Chester-Lambert illustrations by Richard Crookes caught my eye today. I figured maybe drawing a card would give me a deeper understanding of the currents of astrology in my own life.

Today’s card is Neptune. The card’s image is watery and dreamlike like the sign it rules, Pisces. Neptune is the nebulous and represents water in all its forms, taking the shape of the vessel that contains it.

Neptune represents our spirituality, our divinity, our unconditional love. This card assures me I’m on my path. I don’t know where it’s going. I don’t really care as long as I’m climbing that double helix stairway to heaven.

~ Athena

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