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Time of Reflection

Today was a gorgeous spring day! The sky was blue with no clouds. It was so lovely I had to turn on the air conditioning upon returning from the park this afternoon.

Today’s Self-Centered Tarot card is Seven of Pentacles from the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner, illustrated by John J. Blumen. The woman on the card appears to be waiting for the harvest to finish ripening. Kenner states, “When the Seven of Pentacles appears… you can probably expect some downtime-a brief pause while you wait, reflect, and hope for the best as all of your endeavors come to fruition.”
Seven of Pentacles
The card is fitting for me right now. I have put in a great deal of effort designing my website, growing my audience, and now working on my crystal healing certification. I am willing to wait for the fruit to ripen as the process is the most important part for me, for my spiritual growth. Maybe I’ll help a few others grow with me. I am enjoying this time of reflection.


Spring Break Tumbled Stones

Spring Break Tumbled Stones

The tumbled stones that went with me today are perfect for spring break. Greens including malachite, chrsoprayse, and amazonite for healing and growth. Red tiger eye and pyrite for worldly business pursuits, i.e., grocery shopping.

Solar Eclipse Crystal Grid

My March 2015 Solar Eclipse Crystal Grid was set up a few days ago with the intention of providing loving support for healing and health. My $2 thrift store wooden serving dish holds my collection of tumbled stones. My flat drum sits right on top. It is the perfect crystal grid layout compete with light language inspired details. Synchronicity in its perfection.

This is my sacred space complete with Native American Tarot Card Deck and a lovely smelling candle. My parents have been under the weather since late last week. I chose the stones in this grid specifically to increase health and vitality as well as love.

The dark stones on top are green aventurine. They bring a sense of peace, harmony, and gentle strength. Green aventurine is quite pretty with shimmers of fuschite embedded in its quartz structure.

The pink stones are rose quartz. They brought up some old relationship issues needing transmutation. I attribute this to the eclipse effects. Rose quartz typically provides a sense of comfort and acceptance from a place of unconditional love. Which is actually what they did in this case as I was ready for it.

My parents met me for lunch today. It took them a little over a week to feel better. It only took two days for them to feel better after setting up the grid with intention to provide loving support for healing and health.

I believe the tumbled stones hidden under the drum greatly enhance the energy of the stones on top. Crystals are amazing!



Today is an important day. Not only is it vernal equinox there was a solar eclipse at the last degree of Pisces this morning (MST). We reached a state of balance with equal night and equal day today. At the same time we were blocked from the energy of our Sun. This allowed us to “reboot” and easily accept incoming energies from deep space directly. We are now officially living in the Age of Aquarius all while the Sun moves into Aries. All of this and the weather was gorgeous!

Today’s self-centered tarot card is Master of Flames from the Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori, illustrated by Alyssa Bartha. The man on this card is wearing indigenous clothing. His hair is long. He is clean shaven and wears a headband. He seems unmoved yet movable if need be.

Master of Flames

Cori says, “Fire is transformative. It is fuel for the soul–a sacred vehicle of divine inspiration and the awareness of one’s own godliness. It is the highest vibration of the Tarot suits.” She describes the Master as having mastered “his own process, overcoming the ego-self,  and reaching pure consciousness.” More importantly the Master can “reach into the feminine aspect of his being to exalt the energies of himself.”

More than ever I feel capable. Over the last three years, I have shed layer upon layer of what no longer serves me. I am now having fun working with crystals and vibrational healing. I am breaking that final egg shell membrane to live in my fullness.


Crystal Clear

Manifestation Amethyst

My crystal healer course started last week. Thursday I decided to look at the homework. I was a little nervous about getting it done on time. No matter, I’m excited about the subject and want to learn as much as possible.

Earlier in the week, I had distracted myself with some new crystals and making a new YouTube video about tuning into crystal energy. During the process I asked all of the crystals in my sacred space what message they wanted me to share with others.

At that moment, I saw a bright light in my third eye. There was a vortex of energy coming down from above and fiber optic type lights making sacred geometry patterns in the walls of the vortex. The vortex beamed directly into an energetic representation of a human. As soon as the vortex hit the heart chakra, energy spun out in all directions. Kind of like an X flare on the Sun.

Crystals are here to help us accept high frequency energy, so we can hold more light. This is important because our job as humans is to create our world starting from within. The reason being is that light beamed through the heart chakra has the best chance of working through us to create and make the most impact on the physical world we inhabit.

Crystals tune the energies around them to their naturally frequency by way of their sacred geometry structure. They help us to amplify our own energy while at the same time assisting higher frequency energies to interact with us.

Turns out I started my homework right on time and didn’t even realize it. That’s synchronicity! I was supposed to communicate with a single crystal, but my crystals had me do the assignment we all needed. Their message to you is that they help create in a way that has the greatest impact.


Light Body

The energy today is interesting. It actually feels as though denser energy is being sucked out of me. I had an outburst earlier this evening when I discovered a child had etched my furniture with a sharp object. Now it seems my anger was unnecessary, because I really love the little heart she made.

Prior to my meditation it felt as though light was forming geometric patterns in my heart space. They were a golden orange color. As soon as one formed another would take its place. It didn’t take long until I felt my light body activate. It feels like a new level of freedom.

My mediation began with me perusing my crystal collection. My malachite sphere caught my attention. As soon as I held it, I felt its vibrations flow up my arms and into my heart. I started thinking about the stars and wondering why we love the stars so much? Maybe it is because we are stars looking back at ourselves.

The moment that thought popped into my head I perceived an energy taking the shape of a light being. The whole time the malachite was interacting with me on an energetic level. Helping me to integrate the light energy into the physical.

Immediately upon perceiving the light being my vision became much more detailed. I thought of the times I saw blue orbs out of the corner of my eye in early 2012. This being while holding a shape was not in its natural state. I know somehow its natural shape is an orb.

This energy or being (Arcturan) communicated to me via the malachite. It seemed to explain that my idea of coming from the stars is right and to share it with others in an entertaining creative way.

Upon opening my eyes I felt the need to write an epic novel about traveling the Universe by way of light body. Are those shapes from my light body activation codes to take me anywhere? Hmm, this could be a lot of fun.


Embracing Joy

This morning came too soon. The sunrise was nice. Even the chem trails in the Eastern sky were pretty in their unnatural way. Everyone was in a good mood.

Today’s self-centered tarot card is the Ten of Cups from The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. Wow,  what a great card! The image of the rainbow with the ten cups in an arch as well. The water reflecting the cups and the rainbow making a circle embracing joy. The land is encircled in the background as well.

The Universe is showing me that I am doing exactly what I need to do. The crystal healing course I am taking is giving me a boost. There are many others with similar interests in the class. We are all pursuing our interests in ways as unique as we are. The public is also interested in crystal healing.

Yesterday some women at a local antique dealer were interested when I bought several crystals and did not need the tags identifying the crystals. I explained that I am a crystal healer and know the names. Soon we were chatting and they asked if I taught classes. Just a few days prior to that I downloaded the forms to sign up to teach a community education class.

Just when it seems nothing is working,  things always manage to change. My goals in life continue to evolve as I do. The rainbow always symbolizing hope and the ten full cups abundance.


Inextricably Linked

Today was a crisp blue day. The sky was virtually cloudless. The Virgo full moon visible in the afternoon sky. Gratitude and wonder abound at how I’m even here in this skin experiencing such beauty.

Today’s card is The Star from the Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner, illustrated by John J. Blumen. The card screams astrology. The Egyptian priestess is wearing clothing resembling a star filled night sky. There are astrological tools all around here and a chart she is unrolling in her lap.

The Star

Kenner says, “The art of tarot is inextricably linked with the study of the stars. The professor of astrology (The Star) will help you make the most of both forms of divination.” I do like both art forms. Tarot cards and astrology are tools. I use them to gain a better understanding of events in my life and my place in the world. One of my goals with these Self-centered Tarot readings is to show others how to use the tarot to navigate their own lives.

I’m glad this card showed up today. It’s bright light is helping to navigate me out of a challenging emotional period. The challenge is in accepting myself and my deep need for true fulfillment in my work here on this Earth. This card seems to say, “You’re on the right path.” Especially since the card represents the sign of Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus the planet of sudden change. Transiting Uranus and Venus (love) are currently conjunct, and on top of my natal Jupiter (growth). A breakthrough.

May your star shine brightly for you!

~ Athena