Light Body

The energy today is interesting. It actually feels as though denser energy is being sucked out of me. I had an outburst earlier this evening when I discovered a child had etched my furniture with a sharp object. Now it seems my anger was unnecessary, because I really love the little heart she made.

Prior to my meditation it felt as though light was forming geometric patterns in my heart space. They were a golden orange color. As soon as one formed another would take its place. It didn’t take long until I felt my light body activate. It feels like a new level of freedom.

My mediation began with me perusing my crystal collection. My malachite sphere caught my attention. As soon as I held it, I felt its vibrations flow up my arms and into my heart. I started thinking about the stars and wondering why we love the stars so much? Maybe it is because we are stars looking back at ourselves.

The moment that thought popped into my head I perceived an energy taking the shape of a light being. The whole time the malachite was interacting with me on an energetic level. Helping me to integrate the light energy into the physical.

Immediately upon perceiving the light being my vision became much more detailed. I thought of the times I saw blue orbs out of the corner of my eye in early 2012. This being while holding a shape was not in its natural state. I know somehow its natural shape is an orb.

This energy or being (Arcturan) communicated to me via the malachite. It seemed to explain that my idea of coming from the stars is right and to share it with others in an entertaining creative way.

Upon opening my eyes I felt the need to write an epic novel about traveling the Universe by way of light body. Are those shapes from my light body activation codes to take me anywhere? Hmm, this could be a lot of fun.


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