Crystal Clear

Manifestation Amethyst

My crystal healer course started last week. Thursday I decided to look at the homework. I was a little nervous about getting it done on time. No matter, I’m excited about the subject and want to learn as much as possible.

Earlier in the week, I had distracted myself with some new crystals and making a new YouTube video about tuning into crystal energy. During the process I asked all of the crystals in my sacred space what message they wanted me to share with others.

At that moment, I saw a bright light in my third eye. There was a vortex of energy coming down from above and fiber optic type lights making sacred geometry patterns in the walls of the vortex. The vortex beamed directly into an energetic representation of a human. As soon as the vortex hit the heart chakra, energy spun out in all directions. Kind of like an X flare on the Sun.

Crystals are here to help us accept high frequency energy, so we can hold more light. This is important because our job as humans is to create our world starting from within. The reason being is that light beamed through the heart chakra has the best chance of working through us to create and make the most impact on the physical world we inhabit.

Crystals tune the energies around them to their naturally frequency by way of their sacred geometry structure. They help us to amplify our own energy while at the same time assisting higher frequency energies to interact with us.

Turns out I started my homework right on time and didn’t even realize it. That’s synchronicity! I was supposed to communicate with a single crystal, but my crystals had me do the assignment we all needed. Their message to you is that they help create in a way that has the greatest impact.


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