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Deadly Beauty

My family is visiting Yellowstone National Park. It was snowing when we drove in on Sunday. Today is a bright blue day with warm 65°F spring weather.

I see the snowy peaks from West Yellowstone, Montana. We are here just before the park really opens for the season. The park is open year round, but many roads are closed for the winter. Don’t worry if you come in the winter. Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs are open year round. Most attractions are scheduled to be open May 1st.

Standing in the steam emitted from the geysers is nice. The sulfur can be a bit much at times. The colors and the natural formations are deadly beauty.

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park
Rainbow Pool Drainage into Iron Spring Creek, Black Sand Basin, Yellowstone National Park
Grand Prasmatic Spring detail, Yellowstone National Park
Buffalo alongside Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park

We were very lucky to see a lone wolf running along the north side of the Madison River. My mother spotted it. I know her abilities well enough to pull over so we could get a better look. She was beautiful. Mostly white with longer touches of gray and brown. We saw her pounce on a rodent, but I think she was just showing off for us. On the other side of the highway we saw a buffalo. We even saw a calf later in the afternoon. The first in the herd this spring.

The forests are thick with trees. We did not see any moose, but saw their favorite trees with missing strips of bark. At Old Faithful the wolves started howling in the distance letting us know the geyser would erupt soon. It has been a very nice trip. Although you may want to arrive here after May 1st.


Well Deserved

Today was a beautiful day. The pain in my shoulder dissipated overnight. The sky was bright blue and the weather is warm.

Today’s self-centered tarot card is 1 Prosperity Begins from the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland. I love the card! A well tended peach tree reminds me of my grandpa. He grew the best peaches.

Prosperity Begins

This deck is unique in its presentation of symbolism and archetypes choosing to use the chakra system for its emotional foundation rather than the typically astrologically based tarot. Though it is an oracle card deck.

Today’s card is the color red. Red is the hardest color to see due to its low frequency. It represents the root chakra which, is all about having your basic human needs met such as food, water, and shelter. It goes deeper though to your family of origin and how your needs were met. Still it goes deeper into your family line, genetics, DNA. Finally, the root chakra connects us to Earth.

My basic needs are met. But, my body is going through changes constantly. It is hard to feel settled when you become aware of your body on a cellular level. And start feeling the light drag through your fingers as you walk the same way water does when you go swimming.

These amazing experiences make it difficult to relate to other people. Ever since the March Solar eclipse my life has been challenging. It’s like everyone wants to touch my open wounds. There was a span of four weeks when I didn’t even have a chance to go crystal shopping. Yesterday made up for it though. Two massive crystals were found in the ground and wrapped in leather next to our irrigation valve. One is quartz. The other is red and yellow jasper. Beautiful! My neighbor wanted me to place the jasper so it would face his house.

I’m so glad this card came up today. It started feeling like things were cheering up this morning. Events throughout the day confirmed it for me and this card I suppose solidifies it. This deck is hard for me to use, because it really makes me push through the blockages. Things are looking up!

Time for one last day at work before a well deserved road trip! Yellowstone here I come.


Necessary Tool

I am meditating with a large black tourmaline and large chrysacholla. They are both beautiful. The black tourmaline hones in and delivers healing frequencies deep into the tissue and bone. Releasing blocked energy. The chrysacholla is gentle. It sends love to those areas left raw by the black tourmaline.

Raw Chrysacholla & Black Tourmaline

Meditation is such a beneficial practice. I really need to do it upon rising every day. It helps me stay centered. A difficult task indeed. Especially since the March 2015 Solar eclipse and more so since the April 2015 Lunar eclipse. Likely it’s time for meditating in nature. Soon, and with some crystals!

I almost forgot to mention, black tourmaline is a protection crystal. It assists one in healing root chakra issues related to basic survival and nurturing. Someone recently said or wrote something to the effect that every fetish is a root chakra issue. Black tourmaline is to crystals as cast iron is to the kitchen. A basic necessary tool designed for heavy use.

Chrysacholla is typically referred to in crystal reference materials as the crystal that assists one in reaching a state of Christ consciousness. Perhaps, but a more accurate description is that chrysacholla brings a deep sense of peace and unconditional love. Almost like a healing bath of prana, universal life force energy.

Wow, that was informative. Happy meditating!


Painfully Beautiful

Things have been hyperactive for me since the coronal mass ejection energies of March 17, 2015. It feels like a scouring of deep wounds prior to finally wrapping them in bandages for healing. This isn’t the part where I am thinking too much about the healing. I only notice the energetic movements around my heart space. They come in at various speeds, densities, amplitudes, frequencies, colors, vibrations, patterns, and can be like smoke.

The pain is quite unbearable at times. I have to breathe through it. The planetary transits overlaid on my birthchart is something to behold. It’s my personal April 2015 Grand Cross in all the same signs as last year with many of the same planets. Last year’s energy was gentle and lovingly supportive. This time it’s tough love.

Here is the bird’s eye view of the energies at work in my life over the last four weeks (red lines are challenging):

March 20, 2015
One Week Later
April 4, 2015

Thank goodness the challenging aspects are leveling out! Ascension is painfully beautiful.

The tumbled stones I have been carrying around for the last four weeks include malachite, tiger eye, hematite, black tourmaline, and flourite.

Deep Cleaning Tumbled Stones

Every morning I choose new or different ones to carry. Maybe they choose me? These ones keep coming up. Helping me heal (malachite) through understanding (tiger eye), grounding (hematite), bringing in new energy (flourite), and protecting me all the while (black tourmaline). 


Positive Changes

It’s beautiful outside today. Sunny with blue sky and intermittent clouds. It’s cold outside.

Today’s self-centered tarot card is the Six of Flames from the Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori, illustrated by Alyssa Bartha. The card is amazing to look at as usual. The Sun is shining through the center flame. Making it appear larger than the others. Power here is an illusion. There is great responsibility involved with balancing many interests for the best of all involved.

Six of Flames

Yesterday, I got Five of Flames so when this card came up I felt triumphant. Over what I don’t know. The weekend was a bit rough. The whole time Friday night I was thinking to myself, “I had enough of this same deal last year!” Sometimes no matter what you do, history has to repeat itself.

The key is to make positive changes incrementally over time. They build into something greater. Others see the impact you are making and they make their own positive changes.

The time is now to make renewable energy the new frontier. I am ready for the time we are freed from survival mentality and the horrors that come with it. We will create amazing new ideas together and bring them to our collective reality!