Painfully Beautiful

Things have been hyperactive for me since the coronal mass ejection energies of March 17, 2015. It feels like a scouring of deep wounds prior to finally wrapping them in bandages for healing. This isn’t the part where I am thinking too much about the healing. I only notice the energetic movements around my heart space. They come in at various speeds, densities, amplitudes, frequencies, colors, vibrations, patterns, and can be like smoke.

The pain is quite unbearable at times. I have to breathe through it. The planetary transits overlaid on my birthchart is something to behold. It’s my personal April 2015 Grand Cross in all the same signs as last year with many of the same planets. Last year’s energy was gentle and lovingly supportive. This time it’s tough love.

Here is the bird’s eye view of the energies at work in my life over the last four weeks (red lines are challenging):

March 20, 2015
One Week Later
April 4, 2015

Thank goodness the challenging aspects are leveling out! Ascension is painfully beautiful.

The tumbled stones I have been carrying around for the last four weeks include malachite, tiger eye, hematite, black tourmaline, and flourite.

Deep Cleaning Tumbled Stones

Every morning I choose new or different ones to carry. Maybe they choose me? These ones keep coming up. Helping me heal (malachite) through understanding (tiger eye), grounding (hematite), bringing in new energy (flourite), and protecting me all the while (black tourmaline). 


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