Necessary Tool

I am meditating with a large black tourmaline and large chrysacholla. They are both beautiful. The black tourmaline hones in and delivers healing frequencies deep into the tissue and bone. Releasing blocked energy. The chrysacholla is gentle. It sends love to those areas left raw by the black tourmaline.

Raw Chrysacholla & Black Tourmaline

Meditation is such a beneficial practice. I really need to do it upon rising every day. It helps me stay centered. A difficult task indeed. Especially since the March 2015 Solar eclipse and more so since the April 2015 Lunar eclipse. Likely it’s time for meditating in nature. Soon, and with some crystals!

I almost forgot to mention, black tourmaline is a protection crystal. It assists one in healing root chakra issues related to basic survival and nurturing. Someone recently said or wrote something to the effect that every fetish is a root chakra issue. Black tourmaline is to crystals as cast iron is to the kitchen. A basic necessary tool designed for heavy use.

Chrysacholla is typically referred to in crystal reference materials as the crystal that assists one in reaching a state of Christ consciousness. Perhaps, but a more accurate description is that chrysacholla brings a deep sense of peace and unconditional love. Almost like a healing bath of prana, universal life force energy.

Wow, that was informative. Happy meditating!


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