Deadly Beauty

My family is visiting Yellowstone National Park. It was snowing when we drove in on Sunday. Today is a bright blue day with warm 65°F spring weather.

I see the snowy peaks from West Yellowstone, Montana. We are here just before the park really opens for the season. The park is open year round, but many roads are closed for the winter. Don’t worry if you come in the winter. Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs are open year round. Most attractions are scheduled to be open May 1st.

Standing in the steam emitted from the geysers is nice. The sulfur can be a bit much at times. The colors and the natural formations are deadly beauty.

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park
Rainbow Pool Drainage into Iron Spring Creek, Black Sand Basin, Yellowstone National Park
Grand Prasmatic Spring detail, Yellowstone National Park
Buffalo alongside Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park

We were very lucky to see a lone wolf running along the north side of the Madison River. My mother spotted it. I know her abilities well enough to pull over so we could get a better look. She was beautiful. Mostly white with longer touches of gray and brown. We saw her pounce on a rodent, but I think she was just showing off for us. On the other side of the highway we saw a buffalo. We even saw a calf later in the afternoon. The first in the herd this spring.

The forests are thick with trees. We did not see any moose, but saw their favorite trees with missing strips of bark. At Old Faithful the wolves started howling in the distance letting us know the geyser would erupt soon. It has been a very nice trip. Although you may want to arrive here after May 1st.


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