Monthly Archives: May 2015

Magnetic Pulls

I love this time of year. The flowers are beautiful. The weather is warm, inviting me outdoors to play. The smell in the air is sweet and refreshing.

The energies of the last week are very magnetic. I feel pulls on my heart strings. My heart knows where to go. My mind is along for the ride, as it should be. Life is much easier when you get out of your head.

While crystal shopping over the Memorial Day weekend, I was drawn to some pietersite. I like to go into a shop and see what calls out to me. The pietersite caught my eye. I connected briefly with the first piece I held. Unfortunately my youngest child was suddenly in a fierce mood making it a bit challenging for me to connect the available crystals. Eventually I went back to the first piece I held in my hand.

That same day I learned that pietersite is good for soothing young children and animals during thunderstorms. We have been experiencing many thunderstorms lately. They frighten my youngest quite a bit. As usual the crystals that came to me had a synchronistic reason to be in my life.

The piece is quite beautiful. The coloring ranges from lavender to gold. The photo below was taken at midday and demonstrates the range of color beautifully.


Pietersite is a great stone. I aleady need four more pieces for my kids and pets. Weaving together love & light for the best of the Universe & All involved!


New Crystals

My newly acquired crystals are gorgeous! The chrysacholla reminds me of Gaia. I am going to clear them in a big container of natural sea salt followed by 528 hz vibrations using my solfeggio tuning forks.

New Crystals

Early birthday gifts to yourself are always so nice!

Rainbow Healing

The weather has been amazing lately. Spring is such a beautiful season. It was warm enough to just wear my sweater into the office this morning. The lilacs smelled so wonderful on my way into the building.

Today’s Self-centered tarot card is Rose from the Power of Flower cards by Isha Lerner. She has given permission to to reproduce the text and images from her deck on their website. It’s a quick fun way to draw one or three cards on the go.


The synchronicity of the Universe makes me smile. Just a moment after drawing today’s card a woman walked into the room and asked if anyone had seen the double rainbow outside. I got right up and walked outside to witness the beauty. It was a single rainbow making a full arc in the sky, just like the card.

The great thing about this card is that yesterday I was reminded of someone I will always care about. We were together a little over a year. The old masculine control thing was too much for me, so I distanced myself. I started feeling judged and unimportant. It was quite uncomfortable. After a few months of that he broke up with me in a very hurtful way.

I know I deserve a beautiful partnership where together we are greater than the sum of our parts and we are both free to live our individual lives while honoring one another.

Lerner offers a helpful interpretation of Austrian mystic Rudolph Steiner’s belief that Mother Mary gave birth to twin souls represented here by the yellow and pink rose. Yellow representing the “path of truth” and pink the “path of the Heart.” Lerner states, “In choosing this card, you are greeted by the Rose Goddess, gently announcing your readiness to accept the twin gifts of Cosmic Love and Wisdom embodied by the Mystic Rose.”

It is my great honor to receive this card today. Interesting as today I have been sending blessings to my ex, so that he may be happy and turn that frown upside down. The Rose let me know my actions are correct in both distancing myself and in sending blessings. The rainbow represents that healing is taking place.

Honoring my truth and my heart was not easy, but love, especially self-love is difficult. We have to love ourselves first, so we don’t get caught up in the darkness of others. When we truly love ourselves we move out of the lower densities and open our hearts to accepting unconditional love from the Universe. And with that available to us we can heal not only ourselves, but others as well.


Steeped in the Physical

There are many times in life when I find myself in places and/or situations I never thought I’d be in. Right now I’m in the back room of a video game shop with a bunch of kids. It’s Pokémon time.
Today’s card is Four of Vessels, Pregnancy, from the Native American Tarot Deck created by Magda and J.A. Gonzales. The image on the card is that of a beautiful young pregnant woman.

The card is amazing. No I am not literally pregnant. Rather pregnant with dreams on the verge of being realized. No longer the dreams of youth, my dreams of now are steeped in the physical experience of my travels through Asia and North America, my own marriage and divorce, parenthood,  career, and injury.

Thank goodness that Scorpio full moon cleared out the equinox eclipse/blood moon energies that forced everyone else’s energy onto my one last nerve. It was tough. Glad that’s done and now it’s time to prepare for that baby to be born.


Error Message

Lastnight I had a dream about customer service. Someone was really pissed they could not view the crystals I have for sale on my website. I can see the error message from my dream right now. It looks just like the one I see when I’m awake.

Last Saturday my mom was frustrated with my site, because she could not see my crystals. She thought she was doing something wrong. Every time I get started working on it, I get distracted. So the basic structure of the shop is there just not finished.

Time to get a business license too. I need all this stuff ready for the Goddess Festival. It is fun. My clientele will be there. My crystal healing course is close to being finished.

I guess this dream showed up to remind me to get going. People need good vibrations. Crystals have it. I need to share.