Magnetic Pulls

I love this time of year. The flowers are beautiful. The weather is warm, inviting me outdoors to play. The smell in the air is sweet and refreshing.

The energies of the last week are very magnetic. I feel pulls on my heart strings. My heart knows where to go. My mind is along for the ride, as it should be. Life is much easier when you get out of your head.

While crystal shopping over the Memorial Day weekend, I was drawn to some pietersite. I like to go into a shop and see what calls out to me. The pietersite caught my eye. I connected briefly with the first piece I held. Unfortunately my youngest child was suddenly in a fierce mood making it a bit challenging for me to connect the available crystals. Eventually I went back to the first piece I held in my hand.

That same day I learned that pietersite is good for soothing young children and animals during thunderstorms. We have been experiencing many thunderstorms lately. They frighten my youngest quite a bit. As usual the crystals that came to me had a synchronistic reason to be in my life.

The piece is quite beautiful. The coloring ranges from lavender to gold. The photo below was taken at midday and demonstrates the range of color beautifully.


Pietersite is a great stone. I aleady need four more pieces for my kids and pets. Weaving together love & light for the best of the Universe & All involved!


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