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Sweet dreams

Don’t forget to cleanse your aura before bed! My personal favorite for cleansing the aura is selenite.


Selenite is the crystal form of gypsum. It is white with a translucent fiber optic structure. It is captivating to look at, comes in many forms, and is inexpensive. What’s not to love already!

Try it out. Using a selenite wand go over your body starting at the top of your head and “brush” your aura until you ground the wand at your feet. Go over your entire body, it only takes a few seconds, you will go to bed relaxed and confident you are energetically clean before climbing into bed.

I just did it. Feels so good.  Like brushing your long hair only better!

Sweet dreams!


Happiness and Love

It’s summertime! It feels good. The sky is blue. There are hardly any clouds. The Sun just slipped from view on the Western horizon.

Today’s self-centered tarot card is Six of Chalices from the Sirian Starseed Tarot Deck by Patricia Cori illustrated by Alyssa Bartha. The two little angels remind me of my brother and I when we were a bit more angelic. They are so happy and full of love. The chalices dance around them like stars in the sky.

This card is wonderful! The element of water represents our emotions in astrology. The six full cups of water are a symbol of happiness and love. There is much to celebrate. Cori says the Six of Chalices indicates a “… shift in focus back to celebration of the innocence and trust of the decisions made at the soul level.” It does seem some blockage of energy has been removed from my collar bone. Some really heavy soul level or collectively owned stuck energy that needed transmutation was released in early April. My mother took the brunt of it. Sorry Mom!

The energy started easing up in May only to be met by Mercury retrograde, I guess to be rehashed one more time before finally moving forward. The new energy is here. It is time to step into it with open hearts and open minds.

I am going start by soaking up as much light as I can at the pool tomorrow!



Life has been very now-centric since the March Equinox and Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in early April. At first,  I resisted the incoming waves of energy. The impact was immediate and intense. A dramatic outburst of negative energy unleashed. It was painful, hard to put into words. I was angry about still finding myself holding onto things I thought I had let go. I was doing the same work again!

I had to relax into the flow. On my way into West Yellowstone in late April, I drove right into some foreboding clouds. It was obvious I was driving into something existential. My heart felt waves of sorrow. I was sick that night and did not rest well. The next morning I learned of the earthquake in Nepal. My children’s grandparents and extended family are from Kathmandu. Thankfully everyone is okay. These events leave me wondering if this is what it feels like to experience unity consciousness? If so, I can’t wait to feel unity joy!

It seems like I gave up meditation and healing for a while. My body needed a break. Ascension is all consuming. The learning curve is straight up. The emotional pain and physical symptoms are challenging to say the least. The sensation of my crown opening up so I can shed my skin occurs often throughout the day. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I am here for this, whatever this is and I am going to do what I am here to do!

I started wondering within the last week what it is I have been doing lately. That’s when I remembered I am growing. I have been creating organic beauty products with therapeutic grade essential oils. It is so much fun! I will never buy lip balm again. The people around me are enjoying my creations. It feels great to express myself in new ways.

My goal this Father’s Day weekend is to soak up as much Sun as possible. I am going to grow some new DNA strands! At the very least I will be getting my Vitamin D.


Spontaneous Crystal Grid

Synchronicity Abounds

Spontaneous Crystal Grid complete with asymmetrical layout in wooden chips & salsa dish. Delicious!

I laid out this grid after determining that I need more crystals for my basic healing collection. These crystals are a good size for healing. The grid came together quickly. Most of the stones are green there are several grounding stones as well. Quartz in the center amplifies the healing energy of the green crystals.

Red, orange, yellow, blue and purple all seem to be missing from my basic healing collection. I have smaller crystals in a rainbow of colors, but I really need to feel the stone. Smaller stones are great for personal protection, but lack the power needed for healing.

Crystals are amazing! I meditate with my crystals, then heal myself and others by entraining myself to the crystal’s vibration. Crystals direct energy into my body which is readily accepted and integrated in a multidimensional way both physically and spiritually.

This 5D stuff is awesome!