Spontaneous Crystal Grid

Synchronicity Abounds

Spontaneous Crystal Grid complete with asymmetrical layout in wooden chips & salsa dish. Delicious!

I laid out this grid after determining that I need more crystals for my basic healing collection. These crystals are a good size for healing. The grid came together quickly. Most of the stones are green there are several grounding stones as well. Quartz in the center amplifies the healing energy of the green crystals.

Red, orange, yellow, blue and purple all seem to be missing from my basic healing collection. I have smaller crystals in a rainbow of colors, but I really need to feel the stone. Smaller stones are great for personal protection, but lack the power needed for healing.

Crystals are amazing! I meditate with my crystals, then heal myself and others by entraining myself to the crystal’s vibration. Crystals direct energy into my body which is readily accepted and integrated in a multidimensional way both physically and spiritually.

This 5D stuff is awesome!


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