Cleansing Crystals

Crystals in Water

These Crystals are cleansing in a natural sea salt and Shungite water mixture. This is a variation on the method described in the book Secrets of American Indian Crystal Healing by Luc Bourgalt.

I use a Brita pitcher with a large Shungite in the bottom to filter the water. Shungite has small structures called fullerenes that have amazing properties and are powerful antioxidants. Learn more about Shungite at

I grab my Nalgene bottle with ml and oz markings, and fill it to 1000 ml with my filtered Shungite water. Then I add 1 tsp natural sea salt and let it dissolve.

While the salt dissolves I get out a glass bowl for each crystal that needs to be cleansed and cleared. I say cleansed and cleared, because not only will the crystal(s) be cleansed at the end of this process, but they will also be cleared. They will be brought back to their natural state erased so to speak like a hard drive. A factory reset.

Pour enough water in the bowl to cover the crystal and then add a bit more to compensate for evaporation. The crystals should soak for seven-days.

Some crystals give off really happy vibes. And then you cleanse them in water and they just aren’t the same. It happens. I’m concerned it could happen to the green quartz I have soaking. After the cleanse it may not respond. What can I say? It’s free will on the part of the crystal. Leave it alone for a while. Let it charge in the Sun and see what happens!

If you don’t have seven days a smudge will do. I prefer the sea salt and Shungite water soak for crystals I will be using to facilitate healing.


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