In April 2012, I placed my amethyst druze on top of my heart against bare skin. It pointed straight at the ceiling with the crystals facing me. Laying there felt good. A deep state of relaxation is always so helpful.

Just at that pause between breaths, the amethyst sent a shock through my heart like a bolt of electricity.

Imagine this ⥯

The stone tumbled from my chest. I moved my face out of the way in slow motion. My heart felt like it burst open. My face was unscathed.

It was an exchange of energy.

My heart ached profoundly. More than sorrowfully. A soul-level ache.

Deep in my soul awakening stirred…

A year later I discovered the term lightworker, started learning astrology, and continued my spiritual journey. Early adulthood was so hectic, I had forgotten my past experiences, meditations, visions, affinity for stones, tarot cards, and Native American teachings.

A connection with others like me, those discovering the Universe within, drives my daily journey through astrology, ascension, space weather, and Kryon videos. I devour YouTube videos.

We are sharing information with a global community, people are genuinely interested and understand why we need to live sustainably, to protect the environment, and treat others with love and compassion.

Loving, learning, and teaching is what I do. I am here weaving together loving light for the best of the Universe and all involved!


~ Athena

Goddess of Weaving
Crystal & Vibrational Healing
Crystal Intuitive ♢ Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing & Essential Oil Therapies ♢ Nurture Yourself!

All rights reserved & copyright protected to Goddess of Weaving. No use of this material is authorized without due written permission & acknowledgement from Goddess of Weaving.

Copyright 2014-Now

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