Crystals have become a big part of my life in the last few years. I had an interesting exchange with an amethyst in April 2012. It changed my perspective on a great many things. Most importantly, it changed my perspective on consciousness. I realized crystals are not inanimate objects. Crystals are sentient beings with awareness and ability to interact with their environment in ways I never thought possible.

Ever since my piezo experience I have been able to feel crystals. I feel them communicating with me on an energetic level. Each one is unique in its vibration and each is unique in its beauty. Crystals are much like we are even though we may not see it. They grow into their full beauty under intense pressure, heat, and exposure to various outside forces. They are resilient, multifaceted and beautiful a reflection of us and the Earth herself.

My experiences with crystals and vibrational healing are leading me down a new path in life. A path of greater fulfillment and greater assistance to humanity. Please join me on my journey with crystals. Perhaps you will be inspired. I hope you are!

~ Athena

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