Cleansing and Clearing Crystals

Crystals and stones absorb energetic imprints from the physical world around them, just as we do. Clearing and cleansing crystals removes energetic debris reducing resistance, thus facilitating healing. Working with crystals is easier when starting with a clean slate. There are many ways to cleanse and clear crystals after you have brought them home.

In his book, Secrets of American Indian Crystal Healing, Luc Bourgalt recommends a seven day soak in a solution of 1 tsp natural sea salt to 1 liter water. This method has left me with little counter space and few bowls to eat with far too long in my opinion. If you have the space by all means let your crystals re-balance in a beautiful spa style retreat before joining your home and family.

If you are like me, you are eager to work with your new crystals right away and do not want to wait! Using white sage to smudge your crystals is effective at removing negative energy. In addition, scientists have found smudging with white sage kills bacteria. Here is a great link for learning more

There was a time when I relied heavily on clearing and cleansing crystals with sound, i.e. using a singing bowl, tuning fork, etc. Fortunately, watching James Tyberonn’s Earth-Keeper videos reminded me sound can cause crystals to fracture. I do believe solfeggio frequencies can be used harmoniously with crystals of like vibrations. More research is needed on this topic on my part.

If you are preparing to work with some personal crystals for deep inner work, then I highly recommend the Luc Bourgalt natural sea salt method. The solution bathes the crystal in healing energies as salt removes negativity and the water cleanses. This method is similar to doing a factory reset on your phone.

In my practice, I use the white sage smudging method to cleanse and clear my crystals between clients and personal use. Smuding is quick, easy and inexpensive. Not to mention kills bacteria!

Learn more about clearing and cleansing crystals by watching my YouTube video “Clearing Crystals”


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