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Crystals for Healing Bones

My Dad recently broke his upper humerus. When I stopped by my parents house Sunday evening, he asked me what the crystals he had on his shoulder do. He had placed them there earlier.

There was a selenite tower on his upper shoulder/neck and rose quartz close to his heart. The crystals naturally communicated to him what they do and he placed them accordingly… only he did not realize it.


Selenite is a high vibration and all round soothing crystal with an angelic quality about it. Selenite supports the skeletal structure, particularly the ligaments and tendons.

My Dad placed the selenite on his upper neck/shoulder. The ligaments and tendons in this part of his body are under stress from the injury and need time and support to strengthen. Not to mention a little relief.

Rose quartz is a heart crystal. Its frequency is that of unconditional love, gentle and all penetrating. The rose quartz looked as though my dad had originally placed it by the selenite. It seemed to have drifted with his movement. Whether he placed it there or not the take away is that rose quartz was smack over his heart.

The crystals he was using looked great to me. My addition was the Apatite. It supports the body with bone health/regrowth. His arm is still numb, so better take advantage of that. Apatite may cause severe pain if bones are shattered. It literally pulls the broken pieces back together. Only place apatite after the bone is set by a medical professional.

Just like my Dad, you too will naturally place your crystals in the right place to facilitate your healing.


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