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Pillar of Light

A few months ago, probably around summer solstice, one of my family members needed help. Not long before I had created a Spontaneous Crystal Grid. I did not have “an intention” for it after the grid came together. And that is exactly why it was ready when I needed it!

My intention was to shine a beacon of light so big my uncle could find his way home. During the activation I saw a huge beam of light coming down from above. The light was intense and so large it manifested in the distance. The landscape became enlightened and the night sky a beautiful violet.

My uncle made it home to safety within a matter of days. I had not seen him since my grandmother died over ten years ago. It is amazing what can happen when you put your heart into it.

Live your love!


Spontaneous Crystal Grid

Synchronicity Abounds

Spontaneous Crystal Grid complete with asymmetrical layout in wooden chips & salsa dish. Delicious!

I laid out this grid after determining that I need more crystals for my basic healing collection. These crystals are a good size for healing. The grid came together quickly. Most of the stones are green there are several grounding stones as well. Quartz in the center amplifies the healing energy of the green crystals.

Red, orange, yellow, blue and purple all seem to be missing from my basic healing collection. I have smaller crystals in a rainbow of colors, but I really need to feel the stone. Smaller stones are great for personal protection, but lack the power needed for healing.

Crystals are amazing! I meditate with my crystals, then heal myself and others by entraining myself to the crystal’s vibration. Crystals direct energy into my body which is readily accepted and integrated in a multidimensional way both physically and spiritually.

This 5D stuff is awesome!


Solar Eclipse Crystal Grid

My March 2015 Solar Eclipse Crystal Grid was set up a few days ago with the intention of providing loving support for healing and health. My $2 thrift store wooden serving dish holds my collection of tumbled stones. My flat drum sits right on top. It is the perfect crystal grid layout compete with light language inspired details. Synchronicity in its perfection.

This is my sacred space complete with Native American Tarot Card Deck and a lovely smelling candle. My parents have been under the weather since late last week. I chose the stones in this grid specifically to increase health and vitality as well as love.

The dark stones on top are green aventurine. They bring a sense of peace, harmony, and gentle strength. Green aventurine is quite pretty with shimmers of fuschite embedded in its quartz structure.

The pink stones are rose quartz. They brought up some old relationship issues needing transmutation. I attribute this to the eclipse effects. Rose quartz typically provides a sense of comfort and acceptance from a place of unconditional love. Which is actually what they did in this case as I was ready for it.

My parents met me for lunch today. It took them a little over a week to feel better. It only took two days for them to feel better after setting up the grid with intention to provide loving support for healing and health.

I believe the tumbled stones hidden under the drum greatly enhance the energy of the stones on top. Crystals are amazing!