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Sacred Geometry


Goddess of Weaving
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Weaving together loving & light for the best of the Universe and All involved!

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Transmuting the Old

The incoming energies are very strong today. They started coming in yesterday evening. Initially I thought my body and mind were exhausted from a busy quarter-end at work this week.

It’s so much more than that!

Love is pouring into the cells of my body. My heart chakra is vibrating. My proverbial cup is overflowing.

Accepting the love is difficult at times. It seems like it should be so easy. It seems these new energies are kicking out the residual darkness in my being. Facing the deep dark pains takes a lot of love.

As always I am thankful for this abundance of unconditional love to make the process easier.

Transmuting the old for the best of the Universe and all involved!

~ Athena

Fully Absorbing

Coronal mass ejections (CMEs), eruptions from the Sun, seem to affect me a couple of days after they take place. When they hit Earth. Sometimes I am tired, other times floating. Just observing and concentrating on the present moment, fully absorbing the gift of it all.

Light energy vibrates through my body. Especially in my feet for about a week now. It feels good. Like pure bliss. Still my mind wanders and numbs the vibration, the lack of resonance returns me to my heart.

Today my body is disgusted. My stomach is queasy. The new frequencies from the Sun, while always for the greater good, are powerful indeed. At least my feet still feel good!


10/7/14 Meditation Vision

I saw my dimly lighted spirit in the stars realizing my power to create frequency. I spun light in any direction I wanted. I increased the frequency and sent it spinning around my body making shapes and sacred geometry patterns.  My feet are grounding this information into Gaia right now.

My Tibetan and Lemurian quartz crystals called me just before I put them in the window to soak up the full moon energies. They started transferring energy into my hands as soon as I touched them.

~ Athena