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Crystal Healing Through the Chakras

Crystal Healing Through the Chakras is my new series dedicated to teaching you how to use crystals for healing. The wisdom gathered for this series comes from my own work and experience with crystals. A regular practice of meditation is essential to my work with crystals.

Join me as I explore crystals, chakras, sacred geometry, vibration, frequency, essential oils, and healing! We will begin with the Shaman Stone and the Earth Star Chakra. Connecting with the Earth is always the first step in loving yourself!


Goddess of Weaving

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Balanced Heart Chakra


Goddess of Weaving
Crystal & Vibrational Healing
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Spontaneous Crystal Grid

Synchronicity Abounds

Spontaneous Crystal Grid complete with asymmetrical layout in wooden chips & salsa dish. Delicious!

I laid out this grid after determining that I need more crystals for my basic healing collection. These crystals are a good size for healing. The grid came together quickly. Most of the stones are green there are several grounding stones as well. Quartz in the center amplifies the healing energy of the green crystals.

Red, orange, yellow, blue and purple all seem to be missing from my basic healing collection. I have smaller crystals in a rainbow of colors, but I really need to feel the stone. Smaller stones are great for personal protection, but lack the power needed for healing.

Crystals are amazing! I meditate with my crystals, then heal myself and others by entraining myself to the crystal’s vibration. Crystals direct energy into my body which is readily accepted and integrated in a multidimensional way both physically and spiritually.

This 5D stuff is awesome!


Necessary Tool

I am meditating with a large black tourmaline and large chrysacholla. They are both beautiful. The black tourmaline hones in and delivers healing frequencies deep into the tissue and bone. Releasing blocked energy. The chrysacholla is gentle. It sends love to those areas left raw by the black tourmaline.

Raw Chrysacholla & Black Tourmaline

Meditation is such a beneficial practice. I really need to do it upon rising every day. It helps me stay centered. A difficult task indeed. Especially since the March 2015 Solar eclipse and more so since the April 2015 Lunar eclipse. Likely it’s time for meditating in nature. Soon, and with some crystals!

I almost forgot to mention, black tourmaline is a protection crystal. It assists one in healing root chakra issues related to basic survival and nurturing. Someone recently said or wrote something to the effect that every fetish is a root chakra issue. Black tourmaline is to crystals as cast iron is to the kitchen. A basic necessary tool designed for heavy use.

Chrysacholla is typically referred to in crystal reference materials as the crystal that assists one in reaching a state of Christ consciousness. Perhaps, but a more accurate description is that chrysacholla brings a deep sense of peace and unconditional love. Almost like a healing bath of prana, universal life force energy.

Wow, that was informative. Happy meditating!


Walking away

Frost covered the ground, the grass, the trees, the cars. It was cold this morning, jack frost came last night. The foothills are covered in snow. The sky was fresh and new. A beautiful way to start the day.

The first part of my day flew by. The afternoon seemed to drag on and then I somehow ended up staying a half hour later than I needed to. The girls were happy after school. It’s always better when they are giggling.

After we came home I meditated. It was more than a meditation, more like a shungite shock or a photonic sunburst (CME). I had a dual realization of where I need to take my life to be fulfilled and a release of guilt related to my divorce. After that it was time to see what my card for the day had to say.

Today’s card is the Eight of Chalices from The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori, illustrated by Alysa Bartha. The image is interesting. There is a guy in the desert walking away from eight cups. I wondered if the cups were empty. Did he even see the cups?

Cori describes the scene, “It appears he has drunk what he needed from them and is ready to move onto new challenges, questing for greater fulfillment.” Greater fulfillment is what lead me out of my marriage.

Cori says, “One of life’s greatest lessons is being thankful for what has been, and knowing, at the same time when it is time to move on.” It’s high time I move on. Thank goodness I released some more stuff today. The heart chakra is like an onion. There’s always another layer.


Part of it all

This equinox is expanding my awareness of love. I feel it flowing through my chakras. I feel the love vibrations expand my heart center in the same way air fills lungs.

Today’s card eluded me. This morning I woke up feeling queasy and decided not to draw a card until after work. Work was particularly boring today. At least the chicken salad sandwich was better than expected.

My kids and I had a moment after we came home. Little crabs went in the bath, I meditated, and my little sweetheart played outside with her friends.

I tried to draw a card, but decided to meditate instead. My heart led me outside. This evening the clouds were making wonderful shapes. I saw a dragon and four angels. The dragonflies beckoned me, and the crows flew to the Northwest.

It’s so amazing to be a part of it all.

Being at one with nature did the trick. I came back inside and shuffled The Sirian Starseed Tarot Deck by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha. The deck has outstanding imagery.

The card for the day is the Eight of Crystals. On this card, a young man who appears to be Scottish considering his tartan and the landscape. He is placing eight large quartz generator crystals on the steps leading to a tower.

The number eight represents union, infinity, our own magnetic field. The number eight coming up today, the day of balance, makes perfect sense. The crystals on this card represent clarity and power. Cori and Bartha state, “Not only does our hero realize that his work has value, but also that he is able to make it even more significant, beautiful, and utterly remarkable.”

Quite a lovely reading for the equinox. Thanks to the universe and all involved!