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Shaman Stone and the Earth Star Chakra

My work with the Earth Star this week really started with the image I posted several days ago. The image had me scratching my head at the time. I was surprised by all the colors. At that time, I knew the Earth Star connects us to the Earth. Through focused meditation with my Shaman Stone this week my awareness has grown immensely.


My Shaman Stone came to me as a child. I was riding my bike when in front of my tire appeared a round fist sized mass. I sniffed it. And said or thought, “It smells like a rock, but it looks like a piece of metal.” I placed the stone in my pocket and continued down the street on my bike.

Shaman Stone

The crystal healing books usually day to choose a male and a female stone to work with as a pair. It turns out my Shaman Stone is a pair. You will have to watch my upcoming video Shaman Stone and the Earth Star Chakra video to learn more! 

The point of this introduction to my Shaman Stone is to give you a sense of how long it has been connected with me. I now have children of my own about the same age I was when my Shaman Stone came into my life. I know when I am performing energy work, my Shaman Stone is protecting me. It seems to match my vibration and/or harmonize well with me.

I was surprised to find, during my initial meditation focused on the Earth Star Chakra, the chakra has a far reaching purpose within the energy body. I felt my Earth Star Chakra connect the Earth with my feet in an intersecting point about 8″ below my feet. Once the connection was made the energy traveled up my legs and surprisingly into my heart, high heart, and finally throat before returning back to the Earth. The Earth Star Chakra connects us to the Earth in a very tangible way. It is our physicality. I felt corkscrew like releases in my heart.

I began feeling interesting sensations in my heart, some kind of unraveling or letting go, like a corkscrew releasing.

A night or two following I could hear something approaching my left ear. An intruder of sorts. When I start doing new work, sometimes there is resistance. Internal and external. I felt the need to do some tai chi moves to direct the energy outside. Moments later a low frequency truck came rumbling past.

One evening I was visiting my parents. My Dad asked for a healing. I build up a chi ball like Mr. Miagi and get to raising the vibration. He said he felt something.

Over several days I walked around with my Shaman Stones in my pockets. I began feeling that same corkscrew like energy coming out of my palms. Little electrical extenders so to speak.

On Saturday, I was telling my parents about the energy in my palms being like a spiral. My Dad said, “It felt more like a cone the other day.” Oh yes, a vortex!

As you can see working with crystals during meditation leads to amazing experiences. It is extremely important to stay grounded. The Earth Star Chakra is our “live feed” to Mother Earth. If my work has taught me anything this week, it’s that the Earth is fully in control. We are puppets she can direct at will, but chooses not to out of respect for our free will.

The information provided above is a direct result of my personal experience with a personal crystal. Your experience will vary based on your intent, crystal, and personal vibration. Crystals often choose not to work with an individual when they are not resonating at a high frequency.

Hope you enjoyed the first installment in my new series Crystal Healing Through the Chakras!


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Crystal Healing Through the Chakras

Crystal Healing Through the Chakras is my new series dedicated to teaching you how to use crystals for healing. The wisdom gathered for this series comes from my own work and experience with crystals. A regular practice of meditation is essential to my work with crystals.

Join me as I explore crystals, chakras, sacred geometry, vibration, frequency, essential oils, and healing! We will begin with the Shaman Stone and the Earth Star Chakra. Connecting with the Earth is always the first step in loving yourself!


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Flowing Again

My day has been so interesting. I found a tumbled hematite crystal in the parking lot at my kids’ school this morning. It glistened its mercurial black chrome color in the icy parking lot. The stone was ice cold when I picked it up. A stone right there in my path. What was it doing there? It was obviously meant for me.

When I was about ten years old, I was riding my bike though my neighborhood when I came across what appeared to be a big chunk of round metal with a strange ridge around the center making one side slightly larger. It looked man-made. I remember saying, “This is a rock?” after I smelled it. The stone laid in the middle of my path like it had been placed there for me to find.

A couple of years ago I went into my local metaphysical store and was surprised to see another stone like the one I had found. It was the first time I had seen another one like it. It is a shaman stone, which has a sandstone core surrounded by an other layer composed mainly of iron.

My shaman stone is broken now. My brother broke it when we were kids. I always wondered what it was like inside, so I didn’t really mind. It is perfect for meditation now. I love it.

So, now today decades later a hematite shows up. Another stone composed mostly of iron. The shape is interesting. It has smooth edges and oblong skull shape that fits the palm of my hand perfectly. I love it too.

Magically today is a two-card day. Today’s cards are the Sage of Orbs and Three of Chalices from the Sirian Starseed Tarot deck by Patricia Cori illustrated by Alyssa Bartha. The Sage of Orbs card seems to be the most homely card in the deck. Luckily the meaning Cori provides makes up for it.

Cori says, “The ultimate female authority… …the Sage is a queen, a priestess, a medicine woman, an earth mother.” The suit of orbs corresponds to the suit of swords in a traditional tarot deck. It represents thought, and the difficulties we face overcoming our own perceptions as well as the clarity that is found in “illuminating” thoughts.

The Three of Chalices is a lovely card. There appear to be three friends enjoying one another with flowers around their necks. Cori says the card represents, “… celebration of what comes from sharing emotionally and spiritually with others–without limitation.”

Finding that hematite today, then drawing these cards is so synchronistic. Things are flowing again and much more abundantly than ever before. And people are more genuine. Now is an amazing time. Let’s celebrate!

~ Athena