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Pillar of Light

A few months ago, probably around summer solstice, one of my family members needed help. Not long before I had created a Spontaneous Crystal Grid. I did not have “an intention” for it after the grid came together. And that is exactly why it was ready when I needed it!

My intention was to shine a beacon of light so big my uncle could find his way home. During the activation I saw a huge beam of light coming down from above. The light was intense and so large it manifested in the distance. The landscape became enlightened and the night sky a beautiful violet.

My uncle made it home to safety within a matter of days. I had not seen him since my grandmother died over ten years ago. It is amazing what can happen when you put your heart into it.

Live your love!


Rainbow Healing

The weather has been amazing lately. Spring is such a beautiful season. It was warm enough to just wear my sweater into the office this morning. The lilacs smelled so wonderful on my way into the building.

Today’s Self-centered tarot card is Rose from the Power of Flower cards by Isha Lerner. She has given permission to lightworker.com to reproduce the text and images from her deck on their website. It’s a quick fun way to draw one or three cards on the go.


The synchronicity of the Universe makes me smile. Just a moment after drawing today’s card a woman walked into the room and asked if anyone had seen the double rainbow outside. I got right up and walked outside to witness the beauty. It was a single rainbow making a full arc in the sky, just like the card.

The great thing about this card is that yesterday I was reminded of someone I will always care about. We were together a little over a year. The old masculine control thing was too much for me, so I distanced myself. I started feeling judged and unimportant. It was quite uncomfortable. After a few months of that he broke up with me in a very hurtful way.

I know I deserve a beautiful partnership where together we are greater than the sum of our parts and we are both free to live our individual lives while honoring one another.

Lerner offers a helpful interpretation of Austrian mystic Rudolph Steiner’s belief that Mother Mary gave birth to twin souls represented here by the yellow and pink rose. Yellow representing the “path of truth” and pink the “path of the Heart.” Lerner states, “In choosing this card, you are greeted by the Rose Goddess, gently announcing your readiness to accept the twin gifts of Cosmic Love and Wisdom embodied by the Mystic Rose.”

It is my great honor to receive this card today. Interesting as today I have been sending blessings to my ex, so that he may be happy and turn that frown upside down. The Rose let me know my actions are correct in both distancing myself and in sending blessings. The rainbow represents that healing is taking place.

Honoring my truth and my heart was not easy, but love, especially self-love is difficult. We have to love ourselves first, so we don’t get caught up in the darkness of others. When we truly love ourselves we move out of the lower densities and open our hearts to accepting unconditional love from the Universe. And with that available to us we can heal not only ourselves, but others as well.


The World

Today is Friday, December 12, 2014. The sunrise was gorgeous. The rain came in the afternoon. We enjoyed a visit with friends tonight. It was fun. We laughed a lot. It’s still raining.

The Self-centered tarot card of the day is XXI The World, Gaia from The Goddess Tarot Deck by Kris Waldherr. I like the image on the card. But, what does this card really mean?

The World is a very big place. I have traveled all the way around it once, and to the other side on three separate occasions. I have an appreciation for the immensity of our planet, and the luxury of modern air travel.

We live in the midst of the greatest beauty. I will always be in awe of our mountains, deserts, beaches, oceans, and volcanoes. Not to mention the sky! Day and Night.

Still I wonder what is the World?

According to Waldherr the card means, “Experiencing connection with the universe. A sense of expansion and hope.” Maybe. I think the generally accepted meaning is that you have the World in your hands.

The World is whatever we want to make it for ourselves, while balancing the fact that we share our Earth with one another. Make it happy. Smile with your eyes and live through your heart. Bring your dreams to fruition! Recycle.

~ Athena

Leap of Faith

It’s still cold outside, but the snow and ice started melting today. An inversion is settling over the valley. The air already reeks of sugar beet factory and vehicle emissions.

Today’s card is 0 Sirian Starseed from the Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori, illustrated by Alysa Bartha. The image shows a beautiful ball of light shooting to the lush green Earth where a crystal lotus awaits below. This card just makes me feel good.

Cori says, “The Starseed key represents ultimate trust in the divine–a leaping forward: fearless and resolute.” It feels like I am being asked by the Universe to make a leap of faith. I feel like making a dive of faith. An awesome Olympic type dive!

~ Athena

Reaching out

Today was a nice warm day. This evening was beautiful. The hills were lit up before a bright blue sky, while flames of red leaves burst like fireworks.

Today’s card is Love, Compassion from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer. The card features two hands reaching out to each other over a heart.

My heart has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. My heart was like the Grinch’s, ten sizes too small. My heart chakra vibrates in bliss at will.

Steven D. Farmer reiterates, “All wounds stem from the illusion of separation from Source and all of Creation. The route to healing this wound is through cultivating love and compassion for every being on this planet, including yourself.” Powerful indeed. Let’s take it further, for every being in the Universe. We are all part of it, together.

~ Athena

Great depth of field

Just a few days ago I was thinking how it had been a while since I drew two cards. Every now and again, more than one tarot card needs to be considered.

Today was my lucky two card day! I drew the Master of Flames and Master of Chalices from the Sirian Starseed Tarot deck by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha. The artwork in this deck is superb. Photos taken by Cori are enhanced by Bartha’s unique dreamy style.

The suit of Flames in this deck corresponds to the suit of wands in traditional tarot, while Chalices represents the suit of cups. The Master, Cori explains, “… has achieved mastery of his processes, overcoming the ego-self, and reaching pure consciousness.” The Master card or cards in this case, also represents balance, harmony, and “is a card of arrival.”

Awesome, two Master cards!

The figure of a Native American-esque man stands relaxed against a stone wall. The sunset behind him is gorgeous. He is strong, formidable as ally or foe.

His body language says to me, “I am as strong as this wall and not easily moved.” His eyes say to me, “I am wise and discerning.” Cori says, “The suit of Flames is the noble quest” to “raise the consciousness of all living beings as we raise our own.”

I feel like the Master of Flames “raising consciousness” for the best of the Universe and all involved. The picture says it all with the wall, raising your consciousness is hard work.

The Master of Chalices card shows a pair of eyes reflecting their mirror image on the ocean. Hauntingly knowing with great depth of field. This card scares me a little, m

aybe it’s my Cancer ascendant.

Cori does not put me at ease stating, “… water in all its manifestations has one unifying aspect: it takes the form of whatever contains it.” I disagree, Water has four forms: gas, liquid, ice, and now the 4th phase. Her point is taken though, “It is reflective at times, illusive at others; it speaks of love in its heights and sadness in its lows.” Me, a Master of Chalices? Maybe just for today.

The Sirian Starseed cards really feed the fires of spiritual exploration. I’m happy with today’s cards. It’s one of those synchronistic reminders that I’m on my path. Thanks Universe!

~ Athena