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Shaman Stone and the Earth Star Chakra

My work with the Earth Star this week really started with the image I posted several days ago. The image had me scratching my head at the time. I was surprised by all the colors. At that time, I knew the Earth Star connects us to the Earth. Through focused meditation with my Shaman Stone this week my awareness has grown immensely.


My Shaman Stone came to me as a child. I was riding my bike when in front of my tire appeared a round fist sized mass. I sniffed it. And said or thought, “It smells like a rock, but it looks like a piece of metal.” I placed the stone in my pocket and continued down the street on my bike.

Shaman Stone

The crystal healing books usually day to choose a male and a female stone to work with as a pair. It turns out my Shaman Stone is a pair. You will have to watch my upcoming video Shaman Stone and the Earth Star Chakra video to learn more! 

The point of this introduction to my Shaman Stone is to give you a sense of how long it has been connected with me. I now have children of my own about the same age I was when my Shaman Stone came into my life. I know when I am performing energy work, my Shaman Stone is protecting me. It seems to match my vibration and/or harmonize well with me.

I was surprised to find, during my initial meditation focused on the Earth Star Chakra, the chakra has a far reaching purpose within the energy body. I felt my Earth Star Chakra connect the Earth with my feet in an intersecting point about 8″ below my feet. Once the connection was made the energy traveled up my legs and surprisingly into my heart, high heart, and finally throat before returning back to the Earth. The Earth Star Chakra connects us to the Earth in a very tangible way. It is our physicality. I felt corkscrew like releases in my heart.

I began feeling interesting sensations in my heart, some kind of unraveling or letting go, like a corkscrew releasing.

A night or two following I could hear something approaching my left ear. An intruder of sorts. When I start doing new work, sometimes there is resistance. Internal and external. I felt the need to do some tai chi moves to direct the energy outside. Moments later a low frequency truck came rumbling past.

One evening I was visiting my parents. My Dad asked for a healing. I build up a chi ball like Mr. Miagi and get to raising the vibration. He said he felt something.

Over several days I walked around with my Shaman Stones in my pockets. I began feeling that same corkscrew like energy coming out of my palms. Little electrical extenders so to speak.

On Saturday, I was telling my parents about the energy in my palms being like a spiral. My Dad said, “It felt more like a cone the other day.” Oh yes, a vortex!

As you can see working with crystals during meditation leads to amazing experiences. It is extremely important to stay grounded. The Earth Star Chakra is our “live feed” to Mother Earth. If my work has taught me anything this week, it’s that the Earth is fully in control. We are puppets she can direct at will, but chooses not to out of respect for our free will.

The information provided above is a direct result of my personal experience with a personal crystal. Your experience will vary based on your intent, crystal, and personal vibration. Crystals often choose not to work with an individual when they are not resonating at a high frequency.

Hope you enjoyed the first installment in my new series Crystal Healing Through the Chakras!


Goddess of Weaving
Crystal & Vibrational Healing
Weaving together loving & light for the best of the Universe and All involved!

This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part. Please credit: http://goddessofweaving.me

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Sacred Geometry


Goddess of Weaving
Crystal & Vibrational Healing
Weaving together loving & light for the best of the Universe and All involved!

This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part. Please credit: http://goddessofweaving.me

Copyright 2014-Now

Error Message

Lastnight I had a dream about customer service. Someone was really pissed they could not view the crystals I have for sale on my website. I can see the error message from my dream right now. It looks just like the one I see when I’m awake.

Last Saturday my mom was frustrated with my site, because she could not see my crystals. She thought she was doing something wrong. Every time I get started working on it, I get distracted. So the basic structure of the shop is there just not finished.

Time to get a business license too. I need all this stuff ready for the Goddess Festival. It is fun. My clientele will be there. My crystal healing course is close to being finished.

I guess this dream showed up to remind me to get going. People need good vibrations. Crystals have it. I need to share.


Crystal Clear

Manifestation Amethyst

My crystal healer course started last week. Thursday I decided to look at the homework. I was a little nervous about getting it done on time. No matter, I’m excited about the subject and want to learn as much as possible.

Earlier in the week, I had distracted myself with some new crystals and making a new YouTube video about tuning into crystal energy. During the process I asked all of the crystals in my sacred space what message they wanted me to share with others.

At that moment, I saw a bright light in my third eye. There was a vortex of energy coming down from above and fiber optic type lights making sacred geometry patterns in the walls of the vortex. The vortex beamed directly into an energetic representation of a human. As soon as the vortex hit the heart chakra, energy spun out in all directions. Kind of like an X flare on the Sun.

Crystals are here to help us accept high frequency energy, so we can hold more light. This is important because our job as humans is to create our world starting from within. The reason being is that light beamed through the heart chakra has the best chance of working through us to create and make the most impact on the physical world we inhabit.

Crystals tune the energies around them to their naturally frequency by way of their sacred geometry structure. They help us to amplify our own energy while at the same time assisting higher frequency energies to interact with us.

Turns out I started my homework right on time and didn’t even realize it. That’s synchronicity! I was supposed to communicate with a single crystal, but my crystals had me do the assignment we all needed. Their message to you is that they help create in a way that has the greatest impact.


It hurts a little

The Solar eclipse energies are growing in strength. Hello Scorpio. Please don’t hurt me. I’ll just be here absorbing the light into my being. It feels good. It hurts a little, but in a good way. Like what I imagine a little seed feels when cracking through that final membrane and becoming a seedling. There is no choice. It has grown too big to be contained any longer!

The Sun’s light is growing stronger. It is brighter than it used to be. No longer yellow, but bright white opalesence. I see it in the clouds as much as I feel it vibrating throughout by body’s cellular structure. Is this what it feels like to evolve?

Thank goodness Venus was conjunct the Sun as it was eclipsed by the Moon at 0° Scorpio two days ago. It brought the love of my soul to its depths. Deep pain released and comforted compassionately with beautiful vibrating photons dancing inside.

~ Athena

A Red Dress

My eyes itch. I’m tired. I just need to write. The last year I have been in a cocoon. Feeling my body change from the inside out on a cellular level. The frequency is a loving, blissful flowing electrical charge.

Things went well at work today. Amazingly well, it happens every once in a while. Today’s did not surprise me much when I drew it this morning. There were way too many good days in a row there for a while. Not that I really think any card is bad. The greatest learning comes from the greatest struggles.

Today’s card is the Two of Staves from The Goddess Tarot deck created by Kris Waldherr. The image on the card is that of a young girl looking off into the distance. It appears as though she is charting her future. The staves are budding new leaves. There is promise. She is wearing a red dress. There is a fence marking the boundary between now and future creations. One stave is on the other side of the fence and stuck in the ground. The other is in her left hand supporting and grounding her.

Kris Waldherr describes the suit of staves “channel(s) energy to areas where it can encourage growth.” And of the girl in the image Kris states, “Dressed in a red gown-the color of vigor and beginnings–the woman decides to bring her ideas into the world. Her confidence and talent assures success.” Very interesting indeed.

A new beginning has indeed arrived. I’m not sure what it brings. I know one thing. I am creating it. And I have experience! I haven’t travelled around the world for nothing.